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Interview Procedure

This guide was made to aid all hosts, interviewers and promoters have a good comprehension of how/what they need to do during the session. Please make sure you read through this guide thoroughly to have a full understanding of how our interviews are done.

Before session

Prior to the session starting, the host must be shouting that interviews are being hosted at that specific time. The host must join the Interview Centre 25 minutes before shouting, then must shout 20 minutes before the server is locked. These shouts must be done both on the Roblox group and in the Discord server. Whilst the host is waiting for the session to begin, they can start to send out private messages (PMs) to in-game admins (interviewers) identifying who will be interviewing and who will be spectating (people who are spectating are only those who are new to the Management Team, or are a member of the Administration Team).

Roblox shouts


Interviews hosted by (USERNAME) are starting at (TIME). Head on down to the Interview Centre for an opportunity to become a staff member.


Interviews have begun! If you didn’t make it, you’re more than welcome to attend another session at a different time. Our next session is at (TIME).


Interviews have concluded! Thank you to everyone who attended and congratulations to everyone that passed. If you didn’t pass, you can try again at our next session at (TIME).

Discord shouts


Interviews hosted by (USERNAME) are starting at (TIME). Head on down to the Interview Centre for an opportunity to become a staff member.


Interviews have begun!


Interviews have concluded. If you didn’t make it in time, feel free to attend our next session at (TIME)


Interviews have been delayed an extra 5 minutes, we will begin at (TIME).

Private message (examples)

:pm admins Hello, everyone! I will be the host of this session today. For logging purposes, please respond to an ‘S’ if you’re spectating the session, or an ‘I’ if you’re interviewing.

During session

At the right time (xx:00), lock the server to prevent any other customers from joining. Admins, however, are allowed to join later if necessary. Once the server has been locked, shout that the server has been locked and then proceed to introduce the host and then following your introduction, the co-host should introduce themselves. After the host and co-host have introduced themselves, the host will then run through the session rules. When the session rules have concluded, commence the session and begin logging on the trello & start watching interviews.

Introduction examples

Host - :sm Hello, everyone! My name is inpulsing and I will be the host for this session today. I wish you all the very best of luck!

Co-host - :sm Hello, everyone! My name is inpulsing and I will be the co-host for this session today. I wish you all the very best of luck!

Session rules

These rules should not be changed, simply copy and paste these into your guide and use them when hosting.

I. All attending admins and all attending interviewees should be treated with the utmost respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated here and actions will be taken if any disrespect is encountered.

II. Grammar throughout your interview must be utilised. If you fail to use grammar, you will obtain a strike. Exceeding III grammar strikes will result in failure.

III. When answering questions, please refrain from taking a long while to respond. You will have a minute to answer each question to the best of your ability.

IV. During your interview, you’re expected to pay full attention. If you need to go AFK, notify your interviewer immediately. Failing to notify them will result in being removed from the server.

V. After being issued your results at the end of the session/during the session, please respect your interviewers decision. Complaining about failing your interview will not change the outcome.

VI. Any interviewees caught copying and pasting answers will immediately fail their interview, therefore please refrain from doing so.

After session

At the end of the session, take a picture with the attending admins and dismiss them all afterwards. Once the session has been concluded, use the concluded shout examples to inform everyone that the session has finished (Roblox and Discord).

Interviewer information


After the host has begun the session, approach two interviewees, introduce yourself to them and then head to an interviewing room and bring them. Once you have bought them, introduce yourself to them again and then briefly run through the session rules again; you can add more information if you want. Ask if any have any questions, if they do, answer to the best of your ability, but if they don’t, begin the interview.

After interview

Once the interview has finished (all questions have been answered), read over the interviewee(s) chat logs and determine their results based off their grammar, detail and their response. If they have passed, inform them they have passed and then proceed to lead them to the ranking area where the session promoter will be standing. On the other hand, if your interviewee has failed, inform them with a reason to why they have failed (if they exceeded more than 3 grammar strikes during the interview, fail them immediately. Likewise if they exceed the time limit). After you have told them why they have failed, remove them from the server/dismiss them to prevent any conflict that may occur.

Passing example

Congratulations! You have passed your interview today. Please follow me to the ranking area to obtain your rank.

Failed example

Unfortunately, you have failed the interview today due to a lack of detail within your responses. Don’t feel discouraged, feel free to attend another session!

Promoter information

When you have someone in the ranking area waiting to obtain Trainee, introduce yourself and inform them you will be ranking them shortly. Furthermore, to promote someone, you head to the group page, go to group admin and search for the individual using the search bar. Once you have find them, click their current rank and promote them to Trainee. After they have been ranked, inform them they have been ranked and then proceed to dismiss them from the session.


Hello, my name is inpulsing! Congratulations on passing your interview today. I will now proceed to rank you, please wait patiently as I do so.

You have been ranked to the according rank! I wish you the very best of luck with your career and future at Dough Bakery.

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