Doughnut Shop Build

So, I’ve been working on my own map which I want to have a simplistic feel but detailed.

One of the builds in the map is one of more detailed builds and I just want to hear some feedback.

Remember it should contain a simplistic, detailed and a meme look.

I used this kit to build some aspects: The Advanced Meshes (25k Sales!) - Roblox

Feedback can be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If I accidently posted this in the wrong section, I’m very sorry.


Thought I do like some ideas like the donut tables and stuff. I feel like you could add a bit more detail for some of the stuff like chairs and the main building. The inside looks good but a bit plain so maybe try add some more stuff in there.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add some more detail but again I’m trying for a more simplistic build, either way thanks for replying.

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The chairs look very weird since the bottom half of the chair is darker than the upper half.

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Alright, I’ll fix the chairs, the idea was to have a doughnut as the upper body of the chair.


Does this look better?

Tbh, I don’t really like the black connecting them together, I think it would look better without the black in the middle.

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Should I have this smooth plastic or wood?

I think smooth plastic might look better.


Alright, thanks for your feedback.