Drawkill Terror's Lobby Feedback

Hello, I am Dark_Variable. I’ve been developing games on Roblox for roughly 7 years and I would like to present one of my builds. This is the lobby of Drawkill Terror. What do you think? Does it look good enough for a lobby? Or does it need something else? Let me know in the comments below!

The Lobby:


It’s very dark tho…

I think that the point :^.
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I’m also working on a lobby for a horror game, and yours looks way better than mine in my opinion.

Some tips:

  • Add more light
  • add more things at the area around the stairs

It look really nice, maybe let player have a lantern when they join the game to tackle the lighting problem

This is a really nice obby for a horror game! But however there is a problem with lighting. I like the dark style of it but (In my opinion) I think it may need to be lighter

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Hello there,

I do think this looks good for a horror game, but I would add, as others stated already, a couple of lights, I’d recommend lanterns around the lobby, maybe lanterns on the ground which are either thrown over or broken, be creative with that part.

Other than that, it looks amazing.


As CrashFacts said in the previous post, lights should be added to help players see. Other than that, the map looks outstanding. The detail is great, and the effort you put into it is amazing. I think we developers can say that this is a build to be proud of.

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