Drawn Icon Needed [CLOSED]


I need someone to create an icon for an upcoming game. The icon should be drawn in a cute manner (see @PhantomMisty’s work on twitter for reference). The icon will most likely include one big character at the foreground, a background of a setting, and a maximum of a few objects. A logo is not needed and text is not encouraged in this icon. You must fulfill the deadlines provided to you.

Your name will be left in the description of the game, and if you wish to have a rank in the group you can also have that as well. Credit may be removed once the icon is replaced (as the icon would no longer be used in the game), but if you are willing, we most likely will come back to hire you again if you did a good job on the first.

You will be paid with $20 through PayPal or 5700 robux through group funds if you choose to accept.

If you’re interested or know someone who might be interested, please DM @FamedChrisRBLX on twitter or message me at FamedChris#1337 on twitter for more details.

Thank you!

EDIT: This job is now closed.

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Hey Chris I would suggest to put this under the sub category “Recruitment”.

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