Dread 1.15 Update

A new Dread update has been released. This update includes various bug fixes. Please do keep in mind that grenades and other equipment is coming soon in Dread 1.16, stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this update!

Here’s what’s new:

  • RPG-7 hitboxes should work even better than before
  • Weapon stats changed:
    • RPG-7 explosion range: 12 studs --> 16 studs
  • Spawn locations in Derailed, Bread Corp. and Crystal Caverns have been changed
    • Spawning out of the map shouldn’t occur at all now, let’s hope at least.
  • Weapon, zombie, ammobox and door mesh performance drastically improved
    • Translated to English, this now means the game should run faster for those who have low end CPUs, much like the grass optimization update did for Dead Lands back then
    • If your device still barely runs Dread, even on low settings and every visual setting turned off in Dread, my recommendation would be buying a new device
  • Cancelling out reloads with shotguns has been added back
    • This means, while reloading with a shotgun, you can press the fire/aim down sights button and stop reloading
  • Fixed an annoying bug where the minigun windup effect would not sync properly when switching from first to third person and vice versa
  • Fixed a bug where you could get extra ammo in a shotgun with a reload bug
  • Fixed some bugs where first person would look weird after respawning
  • Fixed the bug where turning off bulletholes and tracers would not work
  • Fixed glass unrealistically casting shadows on maps due to a recent Roblox update

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