Dread 1.52 Update

This update features a brand new win screen as well as mobile and other improvements!

What’s new in 1.52?

  • The win screen has been revamped
    • Animated avatars of winners are now shown on the win screen
    • Gamemode and map voting are now separated: First a gamemode is chosen, then a map for that gamemode
    • Map creators are now credited on the loading transition
    • Various bugs from the old win screen have been fixed
  • Added a new setting for mobile users: "Fire weapons when aiming at an enemy"
    • Turning it off will disable auto fire
  • Fixed various glitch spots on Atomna Core
  • Fixed a bug where burning yourself as an Anarchist Zombie would give you a kill reward
  • Anarchist Zombies can now be headshotted.
  • Optimized the “ANTI” Anti Cheat