Dread 1.34 Update

This new Dread update includes a new PvP team-based King of the Hill gamemode, 5 new skins, balance and UI improvements and more!

What’s new?

  • Added new gamemode: King of the Hill
    • Team based Player vs Player gamemode where 2 teams, red and blue, fight over which team will hold the flag till the end.
    • Available on Watergate and Luton Parkway maps
  • Added a new skin collection: Chilling Ice
    • Available for the AK-47, AA-12, Serbu Super-Shorty, Minigun and DB Shotgun
  • First-person arms now show your clothes properly
  • You are now able to shoot through the trees in Watergate
  • Added text on buttons in the menu (eg. Store, Settings, Head Armor) to help newer players navigate easier throughout the user interface
  • Optimized bullet tracers so they don’t require physics calculations anymore. (Helpful for devices with slow processors)
  • Forcefield now doesn’t go off when you move in Sudden Death
  • PvP related hard missions are now easier (eg. Instead of having to win 6 sudden death rounds you now have to win 2 sudden death rounds to complete the mission)