Dread 1.44 Update

A new update for Dread that features a new armor system, 3 new body armors, VR proof of concept support, mobile & Xbox improvements and much more!

What’s new in 1.44?

  • Added an armor bar
    • Shows your body armor and head armor health combined
    • As a Riot Zombie, the armor bar will show your Riot Shield health.
  • Kevlar Vest has been remodeled, as well as the Riot Zombie vest
  • Added 3 new body armors
    • Ceramic Plate Vest – 125 armor hp
    • Steel Plate Vest – 175 armor hp, reduces walkspeed by 1
    • Titanium Plate Vest – 250 armor hp, reduces walkspeed by 2
  • Added a few armor improvements
    • Added visual effects for Kevlar Vest, Ceramic Plate Vest, Steel Plate Vest and Titanium Plate Vest when they break. Different effects appear when they get broken by melees/zombies or bullets
    • Added sounds when your armor breaks
  • Added VR (Virtual Reality) proof-of-concept support
    • Moving, looking around and shooting works. More is coming soon, stay tuned!
  • Pressing the right thumbstick on Xbox toggles first-person/third-person
  • Added support for moving with arrow keys
  • Grenades and Zuper Energy Drink now work on mobile
    • Press/hold the attack button to use these utilities
  • Kevlar Vest price lowered down to 3000 D$
  • Kevlar Vest Armor HP lowered down to 75hp
  • King of the Hill gamemode no longer appears on small servers