DreadNautical - Professional Builder / Game Designer

(Artwork made by @codaart)

I’ve been honing my building and design skills on ROBLOX since 2011 when I first joined. Since then, it’s become a huge passion of mine to build for myself and the community. I also have a huge interest in making games in general, and have taken up various leadership development positions during my time on this amazing platform. I believe the variety to this portfolio greatly showcases my ability to constantly improve in my work and build just about anything.

Noteworthy Experiences

I’m apart of various communities, studios, and groups on the platform, including several professional building communities such as Shiguto, Clan Community Studios, and others.

As far as past clients and positions go, I’ve worked for a variety of amazing clients, groups of all kinds, and developers, giving me a diverse experience in designing all sorts of things. I’ve worked for Starboard Studios, Resurrection Studios, Dunn Games, The United States Navy Group, The Alphian Empire, The Raven Ascendancy, The Clockwork Corporation, Kovacs, ARE Games, etc.

Building Skillset

All of my work is done completely on ROBLOX studio, I do not use outside software like blender to build. If you see a mesh in my build, it was granted to me for use or is a free model. If you are looking for something to be done in a super low-poly blender like fashion, I might not be the best choice for you. I also do not use other roblox related tools like F3X.

Simply put, I use a ‘realistic’ roblox style that relies pretty much entirely only Studio’s functionality, using unions and plugins to make complex shapes, differences in material and texture, etc.

I tend to use some math plugins for creating more complicated objects that normally wouldn’t be possible in studio, so credits go to their respective for creators for those great tools.

I also have relevant experience with professional CAD software like Solidworks and Fusion360, although I do not use these for roblox work.

I’d like to offer my building services to the community, and am open to any other business offers you may have. However, as of now I am interested in working as a part of a larger team. I think over the past few years, I’ve been able to take my experience to the professional level, and would be greatly interested in cooperating with leading game designers as opposed to doing basic commissions.

(As of November 2020)

Development Manager & Builder of Project Pacifica

I am currently the Lead Development Manager as well as Lead Builder for Project Pacifica, an ambitious project which I have been working on with a skilled team for months. In this position, I plan all aspects of our development, hire and manage developers, and, as the titles imply, build.

Full time developer for Dunn Games

I also currently work as a full time Developer for Dunn Games, designing various props and models.

Electric State: Project Pacifica map

This is my largest project known to date, possibly one of the largest on roblox building wise done by a single person, and honestly it’s my proudest creation on this platform, I’ve been working on it alone for the last four months. It is a massive, 16k by 16k stud map comprised of smooth terrain and builds scattered throughout. Most of these builds are based off of literal pictures, created by the talented artist Simon Stalenhag. In this work I was tasked with replicating entire map locations based off of 2D images, which is no easy task. I will present some of the original images here as well in case any viewers would like to compare them. Technically, it still isn’t done, and I have a little more to add to it. It also is not currently available for the public to play, but all of these shots have been publicized already:

This is a general overshot, and due to the sheer size of the map and camera distance required to get the photo, many of the details have been obscured:

Please check out the section below called ‘Artwork basis’ and see if you can compare any of the scenes.

Artwork basis

All of these images were made by Simon Stalenhag.

Vehicles and props for Dunn Games

I have actually done a lot of additional work for Dunn Games than this, but for now this is all I can show without leaking anything.



Pirate Ship build done using only rectangular parts (very detailed)

Coast Guard Boat

Boardwalk (Ressurection Map)

Sci-fi FPS Map

Tour Bus (Very detailed)

Modern Factory

Monticello (Detailed)

WWII era Militarized German Border Map

Chinese Luzhou Class Destroyer

Detailed Training Center for a war clan

Various Boats

Modern Patrol Boat

Small sailboat

Detailed Pirate Ship

Detailed Aircraft Carrier

Various pirate ship models and variants as well as early wwii builds

Pirate Flag Ship

Coast Guard Patrol Boat

Arleigh Burke Destroyer

USS Zumwalt

WWII Era Italian Destroyer

Weapons and Props

sci-fi Architecture build

Triangle-terrain based islands

Swamp Map using smooth terrain

Unfinished Alien space ship

Log Cabin Showcase

Miscellaneous Builds

Interior of a 19th century Spanish Palace

Penthouse-based Clothing Store

Sci-fi Venetian Showcase

Accurate Map of Ireland (Territory Conquest)

Smooth Terrain and nature showcase

Interested in seeing some of my work in game? I plan on uploading links to visit some of the work here:
(Please note not all of the work shown above is available for play testing)

I am highly flexible with pricing for work. I am typically willing to negotiate on all deals.
I accept USD (through paypal) and robux as payment.

I usually determine my prices based on the following information:

  • What exactly I am making you (A general estimation of the amount of assets used and skill required to make said thing)
  • When you need it by (A deadline that you propose.)
  • The amount of time it actually takes me to complete (How many literal hours I think I need to spend working on it.)

I prefer all business inquiries to be directed to my discord: DreadNautical#7764

You can also message me here on the forums, but I most likely will not answer as quickly.

Thank you for your interest in my portfolio! I look forward to talking soon :slight_smile:


Hi all, as to satisfy a request I got on discord, I’ve just updated the portfolio with additional more recent builds. Hope you like them!


So, if I were to pay with, let’s say, a $10 Roblox Gift Card, how much can I get out of that? (sending some pictures as examples) wouldn’t hurt either)

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Hello, apologies for the late response. Assuming you mean a $10 USD gift card, that isn’t a lot of money, less than the hourly minimum wage where I come from. That said, you’d get anything I could do within an hour at most, which basically narrows it down to smaller props and such.

I’m not exactly sure what you are looking for with a statement like that, so if you’d like to get into a more specific discussion, please feel free to contact me privately!

Hey all, just wanted to update that my portfolio is currently closed, and I’ve also added what I’ve been up to for the last four months. Please check out the new section at the top for new content.

The most recent map is impressive! 16K by 16K is a lot to build.

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i love your job its epic I Want you to work on my team but the payment is somewhat delayed for now even so I await your answer Thank you for the time :3

Reviewing DreadNautical as very professional. I had a recent business transaction with him and he responded on time, gave me frequent updates, and worked together with me to get a product we both liked. I would recommend him to any developer that is looking for a mature, professional, and high-quality builder.

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I could say the same for you, coda is a very talented artist who provided the work displayed on this portfolio. He is considerate, highly professional and creative!