Dream Jobs studios is Looking for a scripter

About Us

I am an entrepreneur looking for more entrepreneurs to make a game that delivers each user that enters we are trying to be a great team but we need them to sign up to achieve our dreams and grow as developers good luck

The Team
@Vicdres56 - Leader
@Cocopanda39 - Co-Leader
@Cocopanda39 - GFX
@Badle_Yt - Builder
@You - Scripter
@Badle_Yt - UI

About The Job

We are looking for professional creators to join our team as our main content artist. We look forward to high-quality builds that adhere to the style of our game. Good communication skills are appreciated; We check the team’s progress on a daily basis and want to maintain a healthy relationship with each other.


we prefer robux payments that will be obtained after the launch of the game and the payments will be negotiated

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey, I am in progress of creating a devforum portfolio but here is my website if it appeals to you, I have evidence for UI and building but am studying Environment design and have been scripting for a few years now.

I know first hand how hard it is without an investment but I would be willing to do 50% of the work without a payment, then i would ask for a 20% downpayment then.
as an afternote I am willing to negotiate upon this

ok you are hired but first i must see evidence of your work to make sure

sure ,I didnt link my website :stuck_out_tongue:
Here it is

you are hired i love your style of construction and gui

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send me friend request in discord

Hi i would like ot work as a ui dev but i think you already have one do you need eny more ?

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no sorry i don’t need more desiners gui

Hello, im interested in GFX Job. My discord tag is: Vexhu.#0796
i send you friend request.

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