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“Fashion is a Dream.” Here at DreamTelle we strive to become known in the Roblox community. We are a gaming studio and we do clothing. For more information about our project press the folder named “Socials”.



Junior Moderator Rules

:no_entry: - Don’t cheat for rank points

:no_entry: - Don’t abuse admin

:no_entry: - Don’t break the Roblox Rules

:no_entry: - Don’t hint for a promotion or you will be demoted and banned from applying again.

:heavy_check_mark: - Kindly say how to be a moderator

:heavy_check_mark: - Help others

:heavy_check_mark: - Be respectful

If any of the above is broken, it will result in a demotion and a ban for 5 months

Player Rules

:no_entry: - Don’t break Roblox Rules

:no_entry: - Don’t troll

:no_entry: - Don’t exploit, hack, etc.

:no_entry: - Don’t disrespect high ranks or LRs.

Trolling and disrespecting is 1 warning, everything else is instant ban. You can appeal for breaking Roblox rules but exploiting is banned infinite.

Application Information

How to apply

Our application game is released in the beginning of every month and open for two weeks and then it closes. We look for people with experience in moderating and people with good reputations.

We select people on the 21st of every month. The max people we choose are 10 people per month. The selectors are very strict so make sure you include all the experience you have.

How to rank up from Junior Moderator

Developers and Board Members will be in the game every month looking for people to recommend to rank up to Staff Intern.

To be eligible you must have the following:

• 950+ Game points (Which you can get 25+ every 10 minutes spent in game and by cleaning spills around map)

• Good Grammar

• A decent activity ( We don’t expect you to spend 15 hours in the game just at least 30 - 2hrs every few days )

Must be 12 or Older

• Must pass the Staff Intern test.

Socials and other Information


You can reach us on our group Twitty account -
@RxseRoblox or the owner’s account @Rxseflorenc

Or on the devforum. @RxseFlorence

Dizzy server soon!


How can I get game points?

  1. Every 10 minutes you get 25 game points.
  2. Every spill you clean around the map gets you 10 game points.
  3. Every hour spent in the game gets you 75 game points.
  4. Every npc you help gets you 45 game points.

How can I take the test?

The test will be on our Twitty. You don’t have to own it your account just has to be 13+ (Have no safechat) to view it, click the link, and click the test link.

** Do you have questions? If so dm my Devforum or Twitty account. @Rxsefloren**

*I hope this helped! I will be updating this everytime I get a question or if the system changes. Last Updated: 6/16/23 *

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