Drop down menu for solved/unsolved filter takes too much space

Not sure if I’m hallucinating, but I don’t remember the all tab being this long
Even the solved and unsolved options don’t need that much space

You can see the underlined buttons got moved to the right a little bit, it is a small detail but has some effects I guess

I hope you agree, thank you!

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I have no idea how you use the light theme, but anyway… I haven’t noticed any difference since I joined a while back, it seems to work fine for me. It also may help with being able to read solved/unsolved.


It has changed, I just looked it up and found this recent image that doesn’t have the uneeded spacing

Also I don’t really prefer the white theme over the black or vice versa, I just stay with whatever is by default.

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For some reason, the dropdown box for the solved & unsolved post filter became wider. This only happened recently.

I have reported the issue on meta, however I’m not sure if this is specific to our software only.

It actually is an issue in vanilla Discourse, my bad.

GitHub Repo for fix:


Looks like a member of the Discourse team fixed this a few minutes ago:

It will be automatically resolved the next time we update the forum.


I’ve patched some CSS into the themes we have here so it resolves the issue in the mean-time. :+1:

If you still see the large box just hard refresh to fix it


Thank you!