Dropdowns: remove the keyboard navigation "cooldown"

Dropdowns have this neat feature where you can press a key on your keyboard when they have focus to jump to different options. Consider the following example:


Here I have a Part selected with Brick as the material. In the property window the Material dropdown has focus. Now if I press C, the cursor will select Cobblestone automatically; If I press C again it will select Concrete. Super neat! This should speed up my workflow in theory, but in practice it does not. If I quickly press C twice, the cursor will still be stuck on the Cobblestone option. This is because there is a cooldown of half a second after every key press, which resets after every input. So if I spam the C key, nothing will happen after the first selection change.

These cooldowns are annoying and counterproductive: Keyboard shortcuts are meant to speed up workflows, but adding cooldowns to them defeats that purpose. In my book it is best for them to be removed as there is no benefit in having them.

If I want to spam a key on my keyboard to quickly navigate through dropdown options, let me do that please.


The reason this happens is that you’re not just restricted to typing the first letter. For instance, in this case you can type “con”, without waiting between presses, to select Concrete. The half-second delay is necessary to indicate that you wish to type a new word and are not actually trying to find something beginning with “cc”.

This is the same behaviour as in other apps, such as Windows Explorer, and for that reason I recommend not changing it.