Dumbfounded by ScrollingFrames

Here’s my UI, and while a scrolling bar isn’t present, I can assure you it is a scrollingframe. I just made it invisible until I get my custom scrolling bar in.


Problem is, on lower resolutions, the UI cuts off and I can’t even scroll to see the rest of the buttons. I thought this is how scrollingframes work but I guess not.

ScrollingFrame properties:


Any help is appreciated. To be specific I just want the scrolling frame to act as a safety net incase their screen resolutions are too tiny to show all buttons so it’ll allow players to scroll instead of having to flip their devices.

Edit: Increasing CanvasSize unlocks scrolling but then it’s still messed up because this by default, which isn’t what I want:

(Is there a way to make it automatically start off in the middle?)

Are you using UIGridLayout? This can fix your problem.

No it didn’t fix my problem. Hmmmm

Could you please show me how did u set up the UIGridLayout and your explorer?