Dummy characters not staying posed after I close studio

Hello, not sure if this is the right category or not so tell me if it is.
So I was posing some avatars that I spawned using AlreadyPro’s Character Load Lite for a game thumbnail, I finished it and closed out of studio. An hour or so later I went back on to mess around with the lighting, but I found that the characters were in the standing straight position and unposed, but the tool props I put in them were in the same position. I checked auto-recovery files, but there wasn’t one with the posed figures.
Is it the plugin I’m using, and how can I prevent this from happening again?


Were you using a animation editor to pose the dummy’s.

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No, I was posing them in the workspace like you would with regular parts

Maybe there is a bug with AlreadyPro’s Character Load Lite.

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Maybe you picked the wrong Auto Save File?

@DybalaplaysYT It’s not the auto save files, I checked all of them on the day I made the dummies and they were old or new and didn’t have the poses.
@pwoogle It could be the plugin because it says its not supported anymore, not sure though

No, you have to remove the joints for it to not do that.

You should also anchor it to prevent it from doing the following:
- Falling into pieces
- Resetting into the default dummy pose
- Possibly ruining your reputation by having dummies that fall apart and look bad

Sorry I replied so late, I wasn’t able to before. How would I remove the joints of a dummy? Unioning the body parts? @infiniteRaymond

No, you have to open Explorer, open every body part inside the rig and delete any objects with theicon icon. These are Motor6Ds, what roblox uses for joining characters and animating them.


There’s no errors with the character creator, for some reason Roblox made it apply to any character(s) joined together with Motor6Ds (iconicon). I’m guessing they wanted to reset it so the Animate script would work easier?? Not exactly sure.

Thanks so much for helping me with this!

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