Dungeon Feedback

Hey There! So, I’ve just published THE DUNGEON map for Testing Purposes and I need you to help me giving FEEDBACKS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!


IN GAME: New dungeon - Roblox
-Door (Hover Your Mouse To Interact)
-Locked Doors (Works Like A Normal Door But Requires A Key)
-Chest (Hover Your Mouse To Interact)
-Barrel (Hover Your Mouse To Inspect)
-Secret Door (Find A Glowing Lever And Hover Your Mouse To Interact!)
-Shaded Some Mesh (Not All Still WIP)

Animation, Particles, Etc. Are still used as TESTING PURPOSES.
Might Be Updated In The Future.

Thanks For Reading!
Feel Free To Leave A Feedback! :slight_smile:


I tested it out, and I really like it! It’s cartoon-ish and/or low-poly by design, which can be hard to pull off properly. From what I saw, you nailed that – the barrels, chests, stones, doors, and even vines look like they go together nicely. The interactions are intuitive and fun too. The door locks, findable keys, and hints (the locked symbol for the door) are really cool too. I like to think of Dragon’s Lair with their animated takeout scenes – good inspiration.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. The animations / camera work when you open certain doors is pretty cool. It’s a mini-takeout, and you could use this to show rushing Orcs or whatever. It can be a little jarring from a player controls point of view, but I got used to it. If there was some audio and/or visual indicator that you are still in a takeout, then it might be more intuitive.

  2. Looking for sounds on doors opening, finding keys, opening doors, etc.

  3. I’d love a mini-map as a tool.

  4. I recommend adding just a few more collectibles for now, such as some secret in the books or some weapon.

  5. There are infinite aspects of gameplay we could discuss, but given this test you put together, maybe add the ability to “win”. (Note: I did not get through one of the last doors, so maybe it’s on me).

So, are you planning on building this into a game, or is this showcase stuff you are doing?


While I don’t really have a valuable opinion on the low-poly art theme, I do have a few specific comments on some of the parts of the build:

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It Should work properly and i’ve tested out. maybe you can try rejoining?

Ah its an MMORPG open world game and its based on a story mode which makes it single player(multi might be possible in the future) and the dungeon is just 1% of the map and the reason theres no sfx its because we’re aiming for modeling and scripting rather than jumping to one and another. yes there will be more collectable items like weapons and etc which will come sooner or later. Thanks for your feedbacks! Really appreciated it

Also thanks for letting me know this holes I’ll be fixing it ASAP. Also seems i forgot to delete the last light rays hehe.

I actually was able to open the door eventually by clicking on it right. It was just that the visual “E to open” prompt was not showing up, which might have distracted me slightly.

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