Duplicating a "New Head"

I’ve been trying to use a custom face I made in R6, but I noticed that the quality when the face texture was applied was much lower than the original file that I had uploaded. Later I had learned that I could fix this by duplicating the Head of the character and changing the name of the “new Head” but I noticed that when testing it, the new head wouldn’t be welded to the torso, and would simply fall off. I tried messing around with welds to try to fix this, but as i’m still new to scripting, It hasn’t done much to fix the issue. If anybody could tell me what I need to do to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m actually going to tag @callmehbob because she has very high quality faces in Royale High and will probably be of help.

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Try adding the head as an accessory instead of welding it to the player’s head. Add it to the character using Humanoid:AddAccessory(accessory reference)


I’ll try it out. Thanks.
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Sorry for taking so long to respond, but thank you so much it worked almost immediately when I rewrote my script.