Duplication keyboard shortcut keeps resetting

Hello, I would like to report a bug relating to the “customize shortcuts” feature. When I open up Roblox Studio, it keeps returning my duplication shortcut from “ctrl+d” to “shift+d”, which obviously conflicts with my camera controls, which speed up the camera as the shift key is held down.

I have been unable to revert this, I change the controls and they revert back once I restart studio. I currently don’t know how it occurred, although I did use a one-handed keyboard to swap the controls to shift+d before I realized my mistake. I am unaware if this occurs to other shortcuts.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember which version this bug started in, although it may’ve occurred in May, June, or July of this year.

I remember a bug report like this being posted, although it doesn’t show up in google even with special filtering tags, and I may just be thinking about another post. I am running Windows 10 Home on an Inspiron 3668.

Hope you can find a fix! - THAIRIN

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