Dutch Translator for hire


Our team is bilingual into and they always wanted to put that into use and translate games. Even though we have experience in business translations and had translating lessons as a part of our personalized curriculum through my entire high school, I don’t have a lot of experience in that field.

Unlike most translators, we do tidying and double checking for free (we also offer that for free if you want me to check someone else’s translation).

Unsure what language(s) you want? We can help, for free!
If you’re interested in finding out statistics regarding your players we can help you get this data and make decisions with you regarding what choice would be most fit for your game. Making developers realize the significance of localization is important to us.

Other services

We also offer game title and description localization, proofreading, quality assurance and table formatting. We have no set rates for these services, as the amount of work often wildly varies.

If you don’t see something offered above, feel free to ask us anyways because we may be willing to help with that too.


5R$ per word. (group funds)

Languages we offer:

English → Dutch
Dutch → English

Our Team:


Contact Information

Discord: Liscuate#9551
Super Moderator for the Unofficial Roblox Discord Server.


Sorry for this. Good luck on finding someone!

For the people, I assure you he is great.

I’ve been working alongside Liscuate for a year now, Dutch is indeed his first language and he’s great at English