Dynamic Animations

It would be nice if we could dynamically load animations online.
In studio, we have KeyframeSequenceProvider.RegisterKeyframeSequence, as used by the Editor.
Online it’ll probably not work because the animation has to replicate to other clients.
(which apparently is difficult if it’s loaded in memory, as the hash-id is client-specific or something?)

It would be nice if we could RegisterKeyFrameSequence to play animations on the client.
Even if the animations would be only shown on the client, that would already be very nice.

Maybe as a “show for all”, allow us to insert a KeyframeSequence in an Animation, instead of an AnimationId.
(whether the KeyframeSequence should be called something specific, or AnimationId “child://something” idk)


  • Online animation editor because idk
  • Packaging animations with gear, no need tp upload it. (and it works everywhere)
  • Managing animations can be easier, as one could just put them all in a Folder in ReplicatedStorage

(yeuy for fun and unexpected useful future requests!)


This is one of the sole reasons I don’t use roblox’s system.

I can’t load my own keyframes in and publish, or just have them be rendered through roblox’s apis.


You can publish using the same API AnimationEditor uses, right?

Not that I know of.

Even if it did allow for such a thing, dynamic animations are really important. I use them for things like grip attachments on weapons and other useful things like auto-zeroing sights.

Off topic, but weren’t you going to release a animation plugin you made?