/e dance1 gives an error in chat for R6 avatars

Whenever you do /e dance1, chat warns you that you “can’t use emotes here”.

It happens every time. All you have to do is do /e dance1 on a baseplate then you get “You can’t use Emotes here.”
Reason this happens is because on an R15 character, the only animations are “dance”, “dance2” and “dance3”. On an r6 character, however, there is “dance” and “dance1-3”.

dance on r6 picks a random dance to do. On an r15 character it plays the first dance.

The problem is that the chat only contains info for r15 dances, not r6. Therefore, since r6 has “dance1” but not r15, doing /e dance1 still plays the correct animation, but prints an error in the chat because it tries to index the r15 list.

Since it works on a baseplate, I don’t think I really need to provide a map file.


I don’t know when it started happening, but the “You cannot use emotes here” thing has been wonky for a while now.

Possible fix would be to simply add dance1 to the LegacyDefaultEmotes in ClientChatModules.CommandModules.PlayEmote script,

however that might get weird with r15, considering it does not have dance1. Therefore a very minor rework may or may not be needed. In my opinon, r15 should behave like r6, where dance picks a random dance and dance1-3 are their own specified dances. But that is just my thoughts on it.