E keybind to exit vehicleseat

Hello, recently I’ve come across an issue with getting out a vehicleseat. I have a keybind set up and it works, however I don’t know what method to use for getting the character out of the seat. The seat itself is disabled by default and uses a proximity prompt to get in. How would I accomplish getting the character out without the spacebar?

Maybe try to set the seats occupant to nil?


Occupant isn’t scriptable I believe.
Tried deleting the seatweld, disabling the seat, both worked but didn’t delete the GUI and also wouldn’t let me back in.

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You can set the Sit property of the characters Humanoid to false

As you said you have the UIS already set up. So this is how I did it

HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = HumanoidRootPart.CFrame * CFrame.new(0,6,0) -- You can tweak how high the character exists

Now if you want to disable being able to jump out via space this is how I did it.

ContextActionService:BindActionAtPriority("LockSeat", function()

Humanoid.Jump = true

return Enum.ContextActionResult.Sink

end, false, Enum.ContextActionPriority.High.Value, Enum.PlayerActions.CharacterJump)

These we’re all in local scripts.
If something wasnt clear please tell me. Hope this helps