EAF | Egyptian Armed Forces Regulations

written by: ykk_Plat
This guide contains the details regarding how members of the EAF are expected to conduct themselves whilst using our games or communication servers as well as details on how to rank up in the group.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Trolling, immaturity, and foul language is not permitted while on duty.
  2. Any form of harassment or bullying other members in the EAF is strictly prohibited.
  3. We request that whilst on duty you use grammar to your best ability.
  4. You are to follow all orders given to you by a higher rank.
  5. It is prohibited to recruit from the EAF or to advertise other groups in our communication servers or games.
  6. Only officers of the EAF are to be addressed as Sir/Ma’am. All other ranks you are to address as their rank. It is prohibited to impersonate a higher ranking officer.
  7. Whilst on duty you are required to wear uniform.
  8. In the EAF ranks are earnt through continued activity and exemplary behaviour. Asking for ranks or messaging an officer regarding the status of your rank is prohibited.
  9. The EAF operates a 3 strike policy for minor offences where possible. This means that you will receive up to 3 warnings before you are issued with a punishment.
  10. “Free ranking” is forbidden in the EAF. Any officer caught free ranking members will be swiftly punished.

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