Early Development Stages Site-17

Early development stages for Site 17 on Roblox Sneak Peaks.

CDC (Class-D Containment)


096’s Containment

096 Containment

173’s Containment

173 Containment

Notice: This is Early Development Sneak Peaks, things may change.

Needing feedback!


Try to use pbr for monsters. And Phill has very high height and body type. Change that.

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Thanks for the feedback, and that was not intended

We will be fixing it, and please note this is Early Development Stages.

What is PBR?

I do not know what “pbr” is. Can you explain more?

Physics based rendering se it in devhub

It gives u illusion of realism. Make monster for scarier

If u need help. I m a gfx artist, builder, lore creator, basic scripter in html,css,js

Alright, what can you do? Can you show me pictures of your work in Messages.

I suggest filling up the walls with stuff as they are very plain.

It’s only been developed for a couple months, the walls aren’t our priority.

It looks good, but I’d highly recommend adding some detail to the walls which is not made of concrete. It’ll add some contrast between materials.

I’d love to know what you did for the lighting as I’m making a CDC of my own and I am having lighting issues :joy:

Thanks for the feedback, which bit of lighting are you having trouble with?