Early game feedback?

im still working on this, even tho i started it like 13 months ago
also why am i posting this here, maybe give me early feedback so i can improve??


I do not know if this is intentional or not, but I can not see anything in the game due to very high levels of blur.

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I can rob trough the wall

Some thing that i think you need to change

  • Spawn Player (Idk if it was supposed to be but i spawned in a cargo thing in the middle of something like cargo shipping and when i jumped off and died spawned in another place with guns and stuffs like idk what it means but okay

-I didn’t play more than 5 minutes as I’m working a lot on my horror game, but I think it’s pretty cool, but simple, I think it needs more detail around the city, the audio script when walking on different types of blocks It’s really cool and gives you more immersion in the game…

The system of hitting some things and them breaking while in a car is pretty cool too…
I don’t think I have much more to say.
Otherwise it’s cool and you should implement a few other things and work a bit on the UIs I think…

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looks like some sort of atmosphere mess lol

oh this is due to RequiresLineOfSight since i had trouble robbing those ATMs in the first place
would fix soon!

what did it look like?

Places like this one

Idk if it was a good place to be a spawn pointer in this way…

Also i’m spawned in a place like this but with ship cargos…

indeed waking up in a rooftop, you can yeet the car out of the roof
also please don’t say its the crane

can i get more reviews than just 2
2 may be sufficient enough but i need to see more opinions please