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The training guide contains information regarding the basic layout of how training sessions typically go and some general information about what you need to do as a trainer at training sessions.

Training Rules

These are the rules that are stated at the beginning of every training session after the host has introduced themselves. Say “startrules” in chat to show the rules to everyone.

[1] Grammar is needed at all times, both inside and outside this training. Failing to use correct grammar will result in your failure.

[2] Respect is needed at all times towards your trainer and fellow baristas. Disrespect is not tolerated.

[3] Pay attention to your trainer for instructions during each section of the training to ensure you are doing everything correctly. You do not want to end up making silly mistakes.

[4] Do not give your order to your trainer until he/she asks for it.

[5] When you’ve passed, you are to wait on the lines quietly for your promotion. Once promoted, you are dismissed unless told otherwise.

[6] For Trainees, you need to reach 6/10, 3 in drinks, 3 in trivia to pass. Junior Baristas, you need 8/10, 4 in drinks, 4 in trivia to pass. Baristas, you need 10/10, 5 in drinks, 5 in trivia to pass.

Informers Guide

Say “tinformation” in chat to show the information written below to everyone.

Before we begin, we will go over a few things. Please leave your questions until the end.

Throughout the training, you will be tested on five orders in total, all of which are not timed. As well as that, you will be answering three trivia questions with two rounds of a trolling simulation.

During the ordering section, your trainer can and will only say the order once. They will not repeat their order if you missed it, so make sure you pay attention. Once you’re ready to hand in your order, do not give it until your trainer asks for it.

To give an item, simply press H on your keyboard and type in the username of whom you want to give the item to and if you’re on mobile press “open hand to gui” followed by typing in the username of the player.

If you are new, you can use the recipe guide in the group’s description to help you.

During the trivia section, your trainer will send you three trivia questions using the private message command.

A small box will pop up on the bottom right corner of your screen after they send you the question. You can click on it to open the message and reply. If you do not receive a PM, let your trainer know so they can resend it to you.

You can use any available resources to help you for the trivia questions except for asking other members for help. You are to figure out the questions yourself.

During the trolling simulator, your trainer will dress up like as troller and act as if they’re trolling. Although, you are still to act as if it’s an actual situation at the cafe, which includes greeting them when he/she comes up to you.

Remember not to give outright warnings to the troller. You should call an admin instead after a reasonable amount of trolling has occurred. To do this, simply say “-Calls admin-,” then take a step back so your trainer knows you are done.

Keep in mind that while at Eastside we do appreciate teamwork, you are not allowed to help your group members under any circumstances. This is a test where you should only focus on your own work.

If you reach the sufficient number of points that are needed for the section, you won’t be able to earn any more points until your group switches sections. You are still required to participate, though, as it is good practice for working at the café.

If you have any questions, now is the best time to ask us.

[TRAINER SAYS: Hi! Now I tell you about your utility commands.]


To access your utility bar in the cafe, if you are on mobile press the small box that says ‘open utility’. If you are playing on a computer press the h key on your keyboard.
Type help into the command bar to see all the commands you can use. To give a player an item in the cafe, open your utility and type Give (username).

Promotion Requirements & Points

Please note that these are the scores required for both halves of the training. You are going to need to earn a specific amount of points in each half to pass. One-half consists of the orders and the other of the trivia questions and troll simulation. Each person is only able to get one promotion per training; they cannot skip ahead of any ranks.

To keep track of points, you use the commands “name player PTS: 1”.

Once a player has the maximum amount of points required for their section, e.g if a Trainee already has 3 points for that part, they do not earn anymore points for that certain section and you do not add anymore points to them; you simply name them “Passed section.” However, they need to continue with the rest of the section without earning points to gain experience. Make sure to tell the trainees about this. Once you have finished a section, you clear all of the points on every person in your group. You should do this by using the name command.

Trainee to Junior Barista - 3 points on each section, total 6.

Junior Barista to Barista - 4 points on each section, total 8.

Barista to Senior Barista - 5 points on each section, total 10.

Training Procedure

As a trainer or supervisor, you should join the Training Centre at exactly :40. If you join before this, you will be told to leave by the host. After joining, you would then walk up to the podium and stand on the line corresponding to your role in trainings. You can take a side job if it is offered to you by the host. If you are able to take one and there are jobs that have not yet been taken by others, you should take responsibility and do this job if you don’t have any of your own. At this time, you can prepare your notes and answer any questions that the trainees have. When it becomes :00, you should not answer any more questions to make sure that the host can begin on time. You would complete your side jobs like informer or grouper now. The only exceptions would be ES and MP. After all of the important information has been explained and the rules have been read out, you would go to your station. Once you have arrived at the counters, you would proceed to bring all of your trainees to the area and tell them to find a register or bring them behind the counters individually. You should introduce yourself. Then, you should briefly explain the first section, whether it is trivia or drinks. You could ask the trainees if they had any questions now before moving onto the first section. For the first section, you may choose whether you wish to do trivia or drinks first.

Ordering Section

You shall be ordering five orders from your group; each order should be progressively more challenging as you go from one order to the next. Regarding the final orders, you are expected to be adding a series of extra items accompanying the final two drinks.

Only entirely correct orders can receive points; for example, the baristas must be giving you the correct drink with the correct size. If they get the order correct, the baristas should be appointed with 1 point and 1 point only. If you are not able to see the leaderboard, you may distribute points using the naming method, as mentioned previously. An example of this would be naming a Barista 1/5 for getting their first order correct, and then 2/5 for getting the second-order correct. If someone makes an order incorrectly, you should explain to the individual what they got wrong either in a PM or after everyone else has finished their orders. If the barista failed to make the correct drink, you may inform them how to make the order using the Recipe Guide. If a Barista is no longer able to acquire the required amount of points for their rank, you are to tell them that they failed and then dismiss them. Once you have finished the orders, you will either move onto trivia or send those who passed to the lines (or promote them if you’re an MT+) depending on what half of the training you started with.

Trivia Section & Trolling Scenarios

The trivia section of training consists of three unique questions that pertain to grammar knowledge and the group knowledge. Two of these questions will consist of grammatically incorrect sentences that your group needs to correct perfectly, and the other question will be a knowledge question about Eastside. In this knowledge question, it is preferred that you ask your group something that will benefit them on their journey at Eastside and not something random about the group. Below are some good examples of questions that can be used.

Trivia Examples:

[1] Please correct the following sentence: helo their! can u get me a, drink over theyre plz?

[2] Please correct the following sentence. i luv this caffe and there drinks r amazng111

[3] Do we have a ‘Strawberry’ flavor?

[3] Do we serve Lemonade at the cafe?

[3] How many items are customers allowed to order at once?

Trolling Simulations:

The trolling simulations are a way of testing the ability of your group on how to deal with a troll at the cafe. Although it is no longer required due to the informers guide, you should explain to your group what the troll simulation is and that they are to stop responding once they feel they’ve properly handled the troll. You will then begin to act like a troll and responding to your group in the ways a typical troll would. Please note that your trolling scenarios need to be realistic to ones that real trolls perform at the cafe, e.g not ordering from the menu when asked to or ordering too many items and complaining about it. Scenarios such as screaming in all caps are not realistic. Once everyone has finished the simulation and called an admin by saying “-calls admin” or “-calls MR/HR” you’ll tell them if they did well or not and what they individually should do to improve and give points to those who you feel sufficiently handled the scenario. They should report you to an admin immediately when you troll, not give continuous warnings as trolls are automatically banned. Give out points as you see fit and repeat the process for the second troll simulation, or your shadow will perform the second scenario if you have one.

Post-trainings Procedure

After you have completed both drinks and trivia, you would proceed to tell your trainees about their new commands if they are receiving any. Junior Baristas do not receive any new commands. Baristas are equipped with using the ‘respawn’ command. Senior Baristas are equipped with using the ‘respawn’ and ‘kick’ commands. They are able to utilize these commands by saying the command in chat. To view the commands tell them to say ‘cmds’. If they are not receiving new commands, you would tell them that they can receive commands when they become a Barista instead. Once you have explained this, you could also tell them how they contact an MR, that these commands should only be used when no admins are present and that abusing them will lead to a demotion. This would be a good time to ask the trainees if they have any questions.

If you are an CB+, you can promote your trainees by using the group admin, however it isn’t required. After promoting them, you would congratulate them and then dismiss politely. You should then leave the building and stand on the line that corresponds to your role. If you are an ST, you should bring your trainees to the lines outside and tell them to wait for the MP (Main Promoter) to promote them. After this, you would go back to the podium and stand on the line that corresponds to your role. From this point onward, you should remain quiet and answer any questions that the trainees might have. If you are the MP of the session, you would promote the trainees as soon as you walk outside. Make sure to check if the trainees have been told about their commands (or their lack of new commands) before promoting them.

Once every group has finished and there are no LRs left, you may speak to one another. Grammar isn’t required when there are no LRs around before/after training, but you should always remain mature when at the Training Center; e.g no abusing admin commands. The host will then dismiss you with a server-wide message before the server is shut down. If you have ES, this is when you would do so. If you had a shadow or were a shadow, you would give the trainer/shadow feedback and post your review/report on the corresponding board. You may not leave the server until all of the LRs have been promoted and dismissed, and until the host dismisses you.


We hope that this training guide contains all of the essential information that you all need to complete every training session successfully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an HR.