Easy way to get part to move players without using other instances?

I made a script that changes parts with a certain name to rotate continuously. The problem with this, of course, when changing the CFrame of the part, is that characters are not carried by the parts. I believe you could use BodyGyros, but I was wondering if there was any way to ask players to be carried without using any more parts/instances. Thanks for the help!

not as far as i’m aware. your best bet is to use a new instance which should be of no concern unless you have a super massive game where many parts are influenced by physics and body mover objects.

if you want continuous rotation you would use BodyAngularVelocity, but you could achieve the same effect with the rotation velocity of the part itself (which is a property). you’ll need some motors or constraints for it to work properly though.

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If the part just needs to rotate, then a HingeConstraint, set to Motor and attached to the part will cause it to rotate. How well this would work with lots of rotating parts, I don’t know.

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