Easy way to make the right arm not stick out when holding a tool

Something simple like a bool Tool.HoldsHandleOut would be nice.


Also a Tool.UseLeftArm bool while we’re at it


Both of the above. Yes yes yes.

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It would also make the site nicer in terms of people with their right arms out for gear that doesn’t require it, making it look weird. Unless you were thinking of making this a property that can be set, in which case both a designated default value and the ability to set it would be nice.

Is an easy way to do this now without manually welding the tool to the arm? I’m fine with manual grip welds, but it sure would be neat if there is an easy way like OP proposed

@anon89973268 All I can think of is replacing the character Animate script with an edited version

Comment out line 410

function animateTool()
	if (toolAnim == "None") then
		--playToolAnimation("toolnone", toolTransitionTime, Humanoid)