Echo Hotels Guidlines

Echo Hotels - Founded by ParcificNoob

Echo Hotels - Co-Founded by xMr_Parrot

Hello! You are about to play a roleplay game based on a hotel. Roleplay is when you would pretend to do something. But, before you play, there are some rules/guidelines.

Rule 1: Do not troll at the hotel, trolling is not tolerated. And will get you kicked after 3 warnings.

Rule 2: Do not use exploits, if you are caught you could be banned permanently. And blacklisted.

Rule 3: Do not spam in the chat. If you do, you could get kicked or server banned.

Rule 4: Do not bypass the filter, if you do, you could get server banned.

Now that you know the rules, its time for some rank, interview, and training information.

Role Information

Overseer | Their job is to supervise the entire training and rank people with the host at the end.

Host | The host of a session makes sure things run smoothly, things are run legitimately and fairly.

Co- Host | Help overseer sessions and help out the host; they also pick helpers/trainers/interviewers if needed.

Interviewer (Interview only) | In interviews, give a trivia to the interviewee, reviews their results and decides whether they pass or not.

Trainer (Training only) | The trainer gives out the information required to pass the training session, they go over general and essential information for the last step of a trainees’ journey.

Helper | A helper has the job of giving a trainee a trivia and a troll test; they test the trainee whether they have learned from the trainer. They assist the trainer.


N-R - Hotel Guest | A member at echo that has joined the group.
N-R - Awaiting Training | A member that has passed the application and is waiting to be trained.
L-R - Housekeeping | Go around the hotel and clean out peoples rooms.
L-R -Security | Go around the hotel and cuff exploiters, trollers, or spammers until an MR or HR comes.
L-R - Receptionist | Work at the front desk, give guests rooms, assist guests.
M-R - Supervisor | Supervise LR’s as they work.
M-R - Hotel Manager | Watch the Supervisors work and activity during shifts.
H-R - Human Resources | Help the President manage the entire hotel.
H-R - President | Manages the entire hotel
Developer | A person that has contributed to our game by helping us develop it. (No rank)
SHR - Board Of Directors | One of the highest ranks, manages the group and organizes trainings.
SHR - Head Of The Board | One of the highest ranks, oversees trainings.
SR - Vice-Chairman The co-owner and co-founder of the hotel. (xMr_Parrot)
SR - Chairman | The owner and founder of the hotel. (ParcificNoob)