[Echo Medical Institute] Hiring Developers!

About Us

Hi there! I’m one of the group owners for Echo Medical Institute. Our group is a a roleplay, combat, and group based game. We currently are looking for a Project Manger (that can dev) / Scripter and Builder

**Positions Open **.

@YOU- Project Manger
@YOU- Scripter
@YOU - Builder

If you make UIS and want to come you can. But this will only be a commission for you unless you can script and do UI

Group Link - Echο Medical Institute - Roblox

About The Job

Echo is looking for people that have dedication and that actually can FOCUS on the game . This means making a map from scratch having dedication and a good mindset to finish the game. Within your time here we are looking for people that want to do long term development. If you can’t take pressure I don’t think is the job for you. We need people that are Sure they can get the job done. We’re also looking for people that have experiences within the platform. The Project manger will be leading the project that’s pretty self explanatory


Payments are negotiable although, the payments will be at least above 15k. If you do not finish the map or if you tend to get lazy , you will be compensated with a smaller payment that is reflected of your work. Payment will be discussed through Discord.

Contact Us

Contact me at swift#0001 on Discord. If you’re interested please have your portfolio ready! Thanks.

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