Eclipse-like Shortcuts for Script Editor

I’ve learned to become really good with shortcuts in Eclipse, and it is irritating when I try to use the commands on ROBLOX to find out they aren’t there also :frowning:

It would be cool if some more shortcuts were made! Examples:

CTRL + D: Deletes the current line the cursor is on (CTRL+SHIFT+K in Sublime)
CTRL+UP/DOWN ARROW: Move the current line the cursor is on up or down
CTRL+SPACE: Auto-toggle intellisense/Auto-complete/Content-assist
CTRL+SHIFT+F: Auto-format/Fix format whole file
CTRL+I: Auto-indent whole file (auto-format does this and more)

Those are just a few I use the most, but there are tons more. Maybe no one else is interested, but I think it would be really helpful and cool to have! I’m an intern at Nationwide as a developer, and all the developers there use such shortcuts like CRAZY all the time when writing code.

Yes much want! Also having the shortcut to auto expand/collapse all code blocks would be nice.


I’m VERY interested. “The little stuff means a lot.”

Sweet! Anyone else?

roblox pls. bless us in your might.

I constantly face the need to move lines of code up/down (in visual studio alt+up/down).

It is very annoying to do this manually (aim mouse at text, select the whole line with some complicated keypresses or another annoying mouse move, ctrl+x, delete the empty line, somehow select the end of line above where we want it, press enter, insert tabs, paste line, remove those extra tabs that got inserted unintendedly, done)

Id rather just press alt + down to move a line down.

If we had more control over the script view we could implement this ourselves with plugins

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