Eclipse (Server-Side AntiExploit) *ARCHIVED | Announcement*

Hey I know that it’s discontinued but when you made it were you aware of the jumping false-detection? If you jump and spin fast it detects you for flying. Just something to consider for your next anticheat. Everything else though is great!

I was very aware of this, and to my knowledge “jumping” never set off false detection for me, this might be related to ping or the server not seeing what the client see’s.

I.E you jump and freeze due to WIFI or ping related problems and the server thinks your flying.

This is a major problem that flags on a-lot of anticheats.

There is built-in ping tolerance but im playing on having a module to handle ping in my next anticheat.

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Although unpreferred for some games I want to mention that this is a feature that prevents “tab glitching” and should be an option in the next version if possible. Many users in games get banned for this anyways so an exploit detection system would be good to prevent it in the first place.


Agreed, but as mentioned this would be extremely hard to do, as knowing when a player is tabbed out is hard to do without some type of client to server communication, which in my newer model of anticheat I’m not planning on doing.

UserInputService | Roblox Creator Documentation
Thus could work, but once again client handler would be needed, and this would be a bad idea.

I.E: If tabbed out value is true, then dont punish.
But a exploiter might find a way to set this value true no-matter what.

Hello Eclipse Users!
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I found a way to detect core gui but im not sure if roblox will count it as a exploit and remove it

Use .Destroying to detect that but idk what will happen if it will fire the event if the player is loading his character after resetting

Bro got his feeling hurt and reported it :skull:

I didnt report tho? I just told you about that it might break the rules

Just mad that your reviving a dead busted myth.

I didn’t report any post on the fourm ttho?

Not what i’m talking about, the post you replied to made by “King_Carrot”
Is busted and no longer holds value.

Its been debunked.

And you reviving the post makes it look like the bypass works and detours people from using Eclipse.

Who is that guy tho? I dont remember any names of the posts i talked in

He is not on the fourm

You legit replied to his post…

I dont remember that much about that topic can you give me the link of it?
If you are talking about the core gui thing then here

    if descendant:IsDescendantOf(game:GetService("CoreGui")) then

Its anti core gui thing by spongus#7609

doesn’t work since new instances parented to coregui don’t fire the DescendantAdded signal

It somehow doesn’t allow me to use dex or i infinite yield

You can get banned in Roblox for exploiting, even if it’s to test out the anti-exploit. Also, this model is archived so you’ll likely be able to find a bug in the system.