Eclipse (Server-Side AntiExploit) *October Update*

Hello, peoples today I bring Eclipse Anti-Cheat(Anti-Exploit) Eclipse is a ServerSided Anti-Cheat made for Roblox, Eclipse has a-lot of features I was going to make Eclipse a paid resource but after my co-developer left me I decided to make Eclipse public, I hope you enjoy it this is my first resource for the community so feedback and contribution is gladly accepted!

– BugleBoy

Current Curtails/Checks
Check’s the Anti-Exploit will run on players.

  • Flying
    • (Float, CFrame-Fly, Smooth-Fly, Glide, Most Fly Bypass’s)
  • Teleport
    • (SoftTween, HardTween, Most Teleport Bypass’s)
  • NoClip
    • (Emote-Glitching, Most NoClip Bypass’s)
  • Fling
    • (Spin, Part-Fling, Most Fling Bypass’s)
  • Tool
    • (HitBox)
  • GodMode
    • (Zombie)

Current Features
Eclipse has a ton of features im just naming a few!

  • ServerSide Config
    • (Fully-Configure-Eclipse)
  • WebHook
    • (SendDetections, SendFlags, FlagTimeout, Auto-Use-Proxy) - Removed
  • PunishmentDuration
    • (How long to punish the player)
  • In-Game GUI
    • (Allow’s admins to view recently flagged players)
  • Protected Players
    • (Allow’s staff to be protected from the anti-cheat)
  • GUI Players
    • (Allow’s certain people to use the GUI)
  • PingTolerance
    • (How patient the server is with the player, (use for laggyer players))

Currently Planned

  • Kick / Ban Punishments (Next Update) - WIP
  • More Check’s (More Anti-GodMode, Server-Sided Anti-Backdoor)

You can get the model here,
EclipseCore (0.3) - Roblox (insert directly into server-script-service)

You can test here,
Eclipse Testing - Roblox (test place)

I’m open to any suggestions or features, if you would like you can help contribute not sure if this is allowed (my discord BugleBoy#1234)

This is a fork of FJ AntiCheat.
I made this fork as his is no longer up to date.
FJ's (Experimental) Character Anticheat *

Thanks Bugle!


Hey your the guy who I saw asking about the coregui detection method
Can you make a game with the anticheat so we could test it if we wanted


100% I was planning on this,
Lemmie do this real quick.

also by emote glitching are you talking about people using roblox bugs or people exploiting them


Yes, but Eclipse blocks normal teleportation methods.

What does the config mean about overheating

Hey! Just came here to ask something out.
Most of the scripts found in this module are eerie similar to the ones found in the demo place from this post. Did you update ForbiddenJ’s Anti-Exploit in any sort of way?


I use Heat Values as a way of detection I.E 1 = Exploiting, 0 = Not Exploiting

Yes, this is a fork of Forbidden’s Old AntiCheat as he has not updated this in 2/3 years I went ahead and forked it and this will be keep upto date.

I will be updating this with new detections and features every week, but yes this was forked.

You should mention that in your original post.


Lemmie do that real quick…


It should be like 2 = Exploiting 1 = Possibly 0 = Not Exploiting

UHH its called rogate in the testing game

:warning: Major issue :warning:
you seem to lack the knowledge that exploiters have access to the character

Tested it with your test place and it does not cause any errors but add a check to see if its being destroyed.

This can be solved by using attributes. i’ve tried getting this issue fixed but roblox wont budge.

RoGate was the old AC name,
I renamed it to Eclipse

Dude you do know deleting the folder does nothing.

Its just a container for holding heat values for the client :rofl:

If it gets deleted its fine, there is no error caused its just for the client to view, there’s even a option to not share heat values with the client :man_facepalming:

it is a dumb system
also why the hell should the client even know info about that