[EDIT] (Check bottom) Moving train lags when player is sitting

I have a moving train with parts and seats, tt uses HingeConstraints to move the wheels that move the train and its passenger wagon. The train has like 16 seats and around 750 welds.

When the player is sitting down, the model lags (physically), but when I stand up (leave the seat), the model moves just fine. It works perfectly fine when I leave the seat.

I have asked some people and they told me to set the “HumanoidRootPart” as massless, but it didn’t work.

September 17, 2020

September 18, 2020, today I joined the game with 2 friends and the train worked fine, but hours later I joined alone to test it and it was lagging again (when I was sitting).

Septermber 20, 2020, today I noticed that when other people drive the train, there’s no lag at all, but when I am driving, the train goes laggy, could it be because my PC is not good enough to “support” the model?


Have you solve the problem yet?

I’m making a train too. Are the seats welded to the cars? That fixed my slightly laggy train…

That’s odd. Do you have any scripts in the train? Is there a huge part count for the train?

There are around 750 parts with 750 parts, but the train moves PERFECTLY FINE when the player is not sitting or, there is more than 1 player. And yes, there’s a script that makes the train work but all made by me.

That’s weird. I really don’t know what to do. Sorry I can’t help you!