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Hello! I am just getting into gfx because I am a game developer and I truly don’t want to pay 4k for a good looking gfx that I might not 100% like. I am trying to copy images from the edit and edit them to look better just as a start, here is my first “edit” as you could call it.



btw please give me as harsh as feedback as possible, thanks (:

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I appreciate people who are able to take criticism :slight_smile:

The brown makes it all blend together - it isn’t a very attractive color. The Face looks like it is drawn on - Eyes are mismatched and sloppy, and the tongue looks like an oval slopped on the face.

Sorry if I made that too harsh. Now for the positive feedback.

I like the expression - it fits with the tone to give a light, playful mood. The face makes me smile, you nailed a goofy look. I appreciate the contrast in skin tone in comparison to the helmet/hair.

Overall, good job! This is great for your first piece of art. Keep trying, and you’ll be sure to improve :+1:


Couldn’t have said in an better myself 100% agree with this!!!


First of all, yes the face is drawn on it face XD, true the eyes are mismatched. Ill copy and paste two shapes I think is a better idea. Very true bout the tongue too! :smiley: Oh thank you so much about the goofy lol, yeah thank you man for everything this helped me a ton!!! (:


They both look hand-drawn ( I’m not sure if that was what you were trying to go for )

I’m pretty sure edits aren’t supposed to be THAT edited, most people just render them the way they want and tweak them to be more realistic or fit a theme they want. Your finished result looks completely different, the only similarity is the shape which is not a good thing.

Also the face looks kind of weird, uneven, disproportionate

The Brown Colors are very grainy.

It doesn’t really fit ROBLOX at all

I would hardly call this a GFX

I would suggest getting blender instead of copying things

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the tongue? more like weird spicy sauce. mouth? looks like a smile with dripping sauce or just deformed. the brown on valk and stuff doesnt look good, and the image qualities dont match

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Ok. Yeah for sure. Thank you. For sure they don’t match.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. Yes ik i was going for a older feel idk lol, and yes it is hand drawn lol. I can’t use blender because I don’t have a computer that can handle that.