Effective promotion strategies for paid access games

Currently I am working with my studio on a large, open world game. It is still early in development, so unfortunately I do not have a lot I can show off to the public at the moment. We plan to release a paid access alpha version within the next few months, but we’re trying to figure out an effective way to release this.

Because we want to release the game in paid access, (likely 1000 robux to start, lowering over time) traditional advertising is going to be ineffective.

Our current plan is to basically build up momentum when we have more to show off through social media, and then… get lucky I suppose? We really aren’t sure exactly how to utilize social media to the fullest advantage, and when. Best case scenario is we can get a larger YouTuber to play it.

We don’t need to get a huge player base right away, but a sizable community that can help us improve the game. What are some tips to help grow a community and get momentum on a paid access game?

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Players are unlikely to pay this amount of robux for a new game from unknown developers, if you really want to build up a community from it, the first impression (Logo, Thumbnails, Videos etc.) is super important. Next is that players really need to get what they pay for in return, they will leave a thumbs down if they are not satisfied with the gameplay, lowering the probability of new players purchasing paid access

Overall I would not suggest you putting such a high price or not even making it paid access at all, unless you got a good reason.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely unknown, I owned a simulator that is now broken with over 8M visits, but I do not own it anymore. We still have a tiny community from that, along with 680 followers on Twitter.

This high price is only for the beginning, it will go down over time, eventually it will likely be 25 robux, or potentially free. We have many reasons to start in paid access, partially because it filters out what I refer to as “low quality players.” Although these types of users are needed later, as we’re still earlier in development I just need a solid base of players to test and get feedback from. It also provides a source of income before we release features that give us some other monetization methods.

You should start showing parts of your game off early to gain that starting community, I recommend doing that on twitter.com. Once you have that community Discord is the best for communicating and interacting with them.