Efficient way to get Guests/Recruit Staff?

Hello! I’ve almost finished making my Cafe. There is one problem though. How would I recruit members?

I currently don’t have a group and I’m not too sure if I should create one. Some people told me that I should recruit at the GRP (Group Recruiting Plaza), that’s a ROBLOX game, where you can buy a booth and recruit members for your group.


  1. Should I create a group?
  2. How should I advertise it? Through the Group Recruiting Plaza or find an investor to pay Ads or something?

Thank you!

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Hello there!

First of, I would always create a group for things like a cafe. This allows you to have group ranks such as a barrista and whatnot. A great way to gain members is by advertising it on the ROBLOX platform, you can bid on ads that are shown on the website. Doing so does require you to invest some robux into your game, so that might not be a feasable option for you. The GRP could work, but I generally don’t find it effective. You could create a ROBLOX group and then try using the GRP to gain some members, then when that doesn’t work out, buy some ads.

Hope this helped you somewhat, good luck!

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I don’t really need a group for ranks. I made a custom Admin script that lets Admins rank others. Also, the ranks save via a RankDataStore so that is not the issue.
But I think you are right, when I make a Training Center or something like that, I need to tranfer the ranks from the game to the TC somehow.

Also how much robux would you invest in ads? I would probably need an investor.
It would cost 140 robux for me to buy the Booth Gamepass so that I can advertise as much as I want in the GRP.

Thank you!

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Even tho you can rank people in game, I think it would be better to still have a group. It allows you to easily see which persons have which ranks, even for guests. Like you said, it would also work better if you plan on creating a training center and it gives it a more professional feel to it.

Personally, I plan to invest around 30k robux in my upcoming game purely for ads, but it really depends on your budget. If you only have 500 robux to invest, you might not even want to bother with ads. You could start with 1-2k and see how that goes. Make sure your group and game are finished before running the ads and keep in mind when you run them. It’s not wise to have ads running at midnight.

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I used to lead a Star Wars Jedi Group a few years back, I had core member base of 10-15 people that were considered close friends. We managed to recruit around about 100 active members within a week making our member count 115 people, we had the core activity now so I could build on that, and after that my group artificially grew.

I feel like you should create a group first. Use it as like a fan club or something, and invite people to it, maybe add a few ranks and add things to store so that then that robux can go back into improving the group. First things first though is just establishing those first few core dedicated members, then it can only go up from there.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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@Eurocracy @aezrano Alright, thank you. I think I will create a group. I have about 400 robux so it’s not much :sweat_smile: I could try finding an investor or just advertise at the GRP. I know many people who made about 100 people because of advertising there for like 5 hours.

Would you name your group after your game? For example my Cafe is called Ke’Cafe. Should I name my group Ke’Cafe or something like Flaming Studios so I can reuse it for other games so the robux doesn’t go for waste when my Cafe dies or something like that.

So what would you do? Search for an investor or buy that gamepass for 140 robux and try recruiting people? Thank you!

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Personally, I would name the group after your cafe game. That allows you to fully dedicate that group to your cafe, which is useful for ranks and the group description + social links. You can always create another group later if you plan to launch another game. If your cafe gets any popular, you will earn back your investment that you put down to create the group.

I would personally purchase 1k robux for 10$ and use that to buy ads, I dislike the idea of having an investor behind my game, as they require a percentage of the profits in most cases. I prefer being independent. Start by advertising on GRP without a stand, a stand is in no way a requirement to advertise on GRP, just get some friends and make your presence there noticeable.

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I agree with what you are saying, but I usually, for my groups, go to GRP, get some members to start off with and quick staff, then once reaching 25 or 50 members, release ads to gain more.

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Can I actually ask how hard it is to recruit members at the GRP? Like how many hours did it take for you to reach 25 or 50 members?

To be honest I sometimes go to simulators to ask if anybody wants to test my game when I recruit lol, also I would probably not be part of a group based game without a real group, I feel like setting up in game ranks are kind of wasting time when you could be setting up a group much quicker and more effectively, groups already have the features you need to appoint admins and moderate users.

It is not hard at all, a group I used to co-own easily got like 25-50 members from the GRP in less than a week. That might not sound fast, but those first 25-50 members are way harder to get. Just go recruiting with a group of friends and make it a fun time. It will be over before you know it.

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It just depends on how eye catching your group is to most users.