Eiríni Handbook

Eiríni Handbook

"Peace & Waffles"
Greetings, welcome to the Eiríni handbook page! Eiríni was founded in 2021 as a community-based group which hopes to expand during the many months and years. As a waffle bar, customers can expect delicious waffles being served to them at their seats - our staff are highly trained to deliver good quality waffles within a short period of time.

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Code of Conduct

General Code

  1. Causing a disturbance through means such as messing with staff, abusing systems, and disrespect to anyone within the game is prohibited. Players who commit such actions will be subject to first a general reminder, and then a ban if continued. Offenders may also be tagged as a ‘Warned’ player if a management member is present.
  2. Use of inappropriate language will result in an immediate ban from the waffle bar. We open our game up to players of all ages, and members who do not respect the safety of our younger members will be punished.
  3. We ask that you do not advertise on our group wall, in our games or in our communications server. Offenders of this rule will be subject to a permanent ban.
  4. Exploitation is an offence of both our rules and Roblox’s rules. Offenders will be banned immediately when caught and reported to Roblox moderation.
  5. Sharing personal information about yourself or others isn’t allowed under any circumstances. To protect our players, you may be banned if caught sharing this information.
  6. Remember to use your common sense at all times when playing any of our games. Remember that we’re a community-based group of wonderful people.
Staff Code
  1. Grammar is not required for any members of our staff team (including Staff Assistant and above) however we ask that you remain respectful and professional. We also ask that your sentences are at all times understandable.
  2. Causing or encouraging drama within the staff team is prohibited. To keep a safe environment, staff who violate this rule may be subject to warning or demotion.
  3. Any Executive Chef or above who ‘hints’ is less likely to receive a promotion to Staff Intern than one who does not. Hinting is the act or requesting a promotion from a member of management either directly or indirectly.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I form an alliance with this group?

To form an alliance with us, please view our alliance guide and ensure you match all the requirements. If you have any questions, please message a member of our Public Relations Department and they’ll be able to help.

  • I’m banned from the game/communications server/blacklisted but don’t know why, what should I do?

We always send out a notice of some form, however if you have not received this please message a member of our Staffing Department and they’ll be able to help.

  • How do I become a member of management?

There are two ways in which you can join our Management Team. Firstly applications open often for you to apply for the role of Staff Intern, the first management rank. Secondly, hard-working Executive Chefs have a chance to be promoted to Staff Assistant at the waffle bar.

Rank Information

As a roleplay group the ranks are vital. Here’s a brief description on each rank ranging from Customer - Founder, as well as the maximum capacity for the rank.

Low Ranks

The rank awarded to new group members, or members simply wishing to support us rather than join in on the fun. Customers are able to order and go to the quiz center to be employed.

Notable Customer
Awarded to former department Deputy Heads or former Super Ranks. The rank is a show of gratitude for their help within the group.

Business Partner
Awarded to representatives from allied groups. We truly value each partnership we have.

Awaiting Training
Customers who pass the quiz will be awarded with this rank. Upon receiving it, members should attend a training session to become a chef.

Junior Chef
After passing a training session, you will receive this rank. Junior Chefs are able to serve customers and earn points to rank up.

Pastry Chef
A more experienced chef.

Master Chef
A master in the arts of waffle cooking.

Executive Chef
The final rank within the chef sector and the most experienced of them all. Executive Chefs have the opportunity to be selected to become a Staff Intern.

Management Team

Staff Assistant
“Staff Assistant” is the first MR rank. Staff Assistants may assist at trainings, supervise at shifts and assist LRs. | Rank Limit: UNLIMITED

Supervision Team
Supervising Team is the second MR rank. Members may host and co-host training sessions, they may also host shifts. | Rank Limit: UNLIMITED

Management Team
Management Team members are able to assist SRs in events if given permission, they may also “trello-ban” a user. | Rank Limit: 16

Coordination Team
A more experienced member of the MR Team. They may supervise the waffle bar and attend sessions to help the group. They may be given permission to moderate special events. Coordination Team members are also allowed to promote people in trainings. | Rank Limit: 16

Executive Team

Executive Assistant
Executive Assistants are split into two departments: Staffing and Public Relations. They assist within their chosen department and can input their ideas too. They are vital in ensuring the success of the group. | Rank Limit: 18

Chief Operations Officer
Two members from each department are put into this rank. The oldest one to be in the rank will be assigned the role of Deputy Head where they will co-lead the department alongside its head. The other will act as an Executive Assistant but with higher responsibility, priority and trust. Chief Operations Officers must help new members of the department. | Rank Limit: 6

Chief Executive Officer
A role in-between Executive and Super Rank status. They lead their chosen department and should co-ordinate all related operations. They also have their in-put within the Super Rank team. They hold the highest authority within the Executive Team. | Rank Limit: 3

Super Ranks

Vice President
Overseer of all group operations. They have access to all departments and should resolve any issues amongst executives. | Rank Limit: 2

Overseer of all group and Super Rank operations. | Rank Limit: 2

Executive President
Edric - the founder of the waffle bar.

Executive Chef Promotion Guide

We greatly appreciate our community and wish to keep it safe, although for that to happen we need people to be on guard - this being the role of our management team. Members of the management team are also involved in the hosting of shifts and trainings, and represent our group as a whole.

Any Executive Chef who wishes to be promoted to Staff Assistant (management) should be able to prove that they’re able to carry out the duties of a Staff Assistant. Thus, Executive Chefs wishing to receive a promotion should spend time working at the waffle bar consistently over a number of days or a limited number of weeks. Consistency is key - playing for 10 hours one day and none for the next week is not only unhealthy but also doesn’t represent consistency. Instead, try playing for one hour every day over a few days. Shifts are a really good time to start this time because a variety of people will be there for it, such as customers, management and possibly executives too.

Grammar isn’t required for any member of our staff team, and so you don’t need to use it to be promoted. However, you should show respect to all customers and remain professional to increase your chances of getting promoted. Furthermore, all of your sentences should be understandable, meaning a greeting such as “wel 2 e how can i help u!” wouldn’t be acceptable, but a greeting such as “welcome to Eiríni waffle bar, how can i help you?” would be okay.

However, do please remember that this is just a game and you shouldn’t prioritise it over your real life. Playing constantly for 12 hours each day is unhealthy and will effect your real life a lot.

Alliance Guide

We’re glad to know that you’re interested in forming an alliance with Eiríni! We truly appreciate all of our allies as we’re able to work together to help each other. Below is all the information you’ll need. Please message any member of the Public Relations Department for any questions you may have.

  • Group must have at least 100 members
  • Must have a communications server
  • Community chats within your communications server do not need to be active, however your executives should regularly update your members with announcements
  • Staff must be able to remain professional and respectful
  • Any high-ranking members or the group itself should not have a bad reputation within the Roblox community
  • Must have a game in development
  • Must be a group similar to Eiríni (such as cafe, restaurant, clothing group, bakery, gameshow group, etc)
  • Be willing to send two representatives if accepted

Eiríni’s Public Relations Department will be willing to make exceptions for some requirements for some groups if deemed appropriate. To apply for an exception, please message the Head of Public Relations before submitting your application.

  1. What’s your group name? Please provide a link to the group and your communications server.
  2. Which two people will be representing your group?
  3. Why do you wish to form an alliance with us?
  4. What makes your group stand out from other groups on the platform?
  5. Do you understand that the Public Relations Department has the right to deny this application if deemed necessary?

Please send your application to any member of our Public Relations Department and expect results within a time frame of 1 day - 1 week. If it takes any longer, please make sure to be in touch with our team.