ELEVATOR : SOURCE (Scripter needed urgently) R$1000 Reward [1 week]

I would like to finally finish my game and release it to the public again, but roblox has changed so much over the past couple of years and therefore there are a lot of issues in my game that need fixing.

I need someone who is active most days, and is up to date with all of the new roblox updates. At the end of the week (or less) I will pay your reward, which ever way is most convenient to you. If you have a reasonable understanding of Lua and are up for the challange please reply in the comments or message me on Roblox (Username: Techante).

In addition to your reward, I will also give you a recommendation in the game’s description.

Meanwhile I’ll be looking forward to getting to work with some new scripters.

Elevator : Source (https://www.roblox.com/games/190551538/ELEVATOR-SOURCE-READ-DESCRIPTION 18)


From what it sounds like, you need someone to reprogram the game. Ignoring the fact that 1,000 robux is an extremely low amount for job like that, a week simply isn’t enough time to complete the requested task.

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The whole game doesn’t need reprogramming, it’s just a couple small jobs. To be honest I’m happy to even recode it, it’s more that I just need someone questions about what has changed.

In my opinion you should increase the task time, because technically it is almost impossible to solve it in a short time! as was spoken by @mircostaff

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Since you are hiring someone to fix your scripts I would move this to #public-collaboration:public-recruitment.

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