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Last updated: 18 November 2019 (pending update)
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About Me

Hello, I’m ElliottLMz. I’m a 14 years old Londoner who has an interest with railways, electronics, technology, and of course, programming and game design. I have been on Roblox since 2011/13 and seen the platform grow alongside me. My personal aim is, when I become an adult, to be able to financially support myself from this platform. I’m currently doing my GCSEs (Sociology, Psychology, Business Studies, and History).

I started making games using the classic Build mode and terrain tools. Around 2014 I discovered the toolbox in Studio (this was back before we had the ribbon bar, and studio was utterly confusing to 10-year-old Elliott). I stopped using the Build mode and I made a few games that were just a bunch of free models smushed together. I’m not sure when, but over time I began to learn scripting from looking at these free models. Most people say they used the (then called) wiki, or watched YouTube tutorials, but to be honest with you, I don’t even remember-- I just say I was self taught for simplicity’s sake.

To quote colbert2677 (who definitely did not inspire this portfolio):


I’ve worked on a lot of projects. Most of them dying after very little time, or just being little experiments.

My most major project is still in development and to be released. But some of the main ones are:

  • Horizon City originally started as a ripoff of SCR but eventually developed itself. It later died due to a lack of development attention. I want to bring it back someday though

  • Essex Police I was given ownership of an Essex Police group ~2014. It was probably my longest project lasting about a year before I closed it due to inactivity. It had roughly 100 members, but most of them weren’t active

  • Thorpe Park I became lead developer of a Roblox recreation of Thorpe Park Resort sometime around 2016/17. During this time, I reprogrammed some of the rides to make them more AuToMaTiC and TrUe To LiFe. I eventually left in roughly late 2017.

SM Games

Since c. September '18, I have worked as a programmer for @Simon_Dev and his groups Bloxxed Hotels and Keyon Air. These groups are collectively owned under SM Games.

Most of my work for SM is on contract per-job, but I am currently working on two full game projects with SM. (which are unreleased and I cannot discuss)

N.B. not all of this content is still used, this is a mostly-exhaustive list of content going back about a year. Bloxxed Hotels gets frequent remakes where all former code is rewritten.
Some content I’ve made for SM include:

  • Currency system (including buying items, buying cash, twitter codes, etc.) for Bloxxed Hotels
  • Plane Spawner for Keyon Air
  • Gamepass-Based Team Changer for Keyon Air
  • Pet system for Bloxxed Hotels
  • Waterslide Control system for Bloxxed Hotels
  • Room Management (lightswitch system) for Bloxxed Hotels
  • Gamepass-based teleport pads for Keyon Air
  • Gamepass-only seat for Keyon Air
    and many other small scripts I’ve decided not to list above


I am currently the President & Systems Lead for Medatsu, a WIP ramen restaurant.
My job as President involves making sure the group is ran effectively, and ensuring realism on the human resources & internal side of the group. My role as Systems Lead includes managing the group’s Discord server, Discourse website/forum, programming, etc.

I do this alongside @Squidzyee (Head Developer for Medatsu who generally oversees all development) and @ashcide (Chairman; in-charge of the operations and creative/building side of the group).


I’ve worked on many experiments, which I will now show off.
Forewarning: most of these are pretty unimpressive. My most impressive work is in projects that are unreleased and I can’t share (yet!), or have been lost to time.

Discourse Admin Panel.. in Roblox

Date: 16 September 2019
I attempted to remake Discourse’s admin panel in Roblox. This was only GUI, but I plan to finish it in future to make a full admin system inspired by Discourse.

E to pick up tool

Date: 24 November 2018

MessagingService Custom API

Date: 21 May 2019
MessagingService just released. I made my own little API to use it how I wanted (and bypass subscription limits). Does it work in theory? It should, in practise? I dunno. Didn’t test it. Here it is anyway:

-- Services and Modules --
local MessagingService = game:GetService( 'MessagingService' )

-- Constants --

-- Variables --
local module = {}
local listeners = {}
local callbacks = {}

-- Functions --
function dispatch( Type, Message )
	MessagingService:PublishAsync( 'Hatchet', {
		Type = Type,
		Content = Message,
		Return = false,
		To = false,
	} )

function dispatchForResponse( Type, Message )
	MessagingService:PublishAsync( 'Hatchet', {
		Type = Type,
		Content = Message,
		Return = game.JobId,
		To = false,
		Return = true,
	} )
	local bind = Instance.new( 'BindableEvent' )
	local data = nil
	listeners[ Type ] = function( Request )
		data = Request
		bind:Fire( Request )
		listeners[ Type ] = nil
	return data

-- Bindables and Events --
MessagingService:SubscribeAsync( 'Hatchet', function( Data )
	if Data.To == false or game.JobId then -- check the intended reciepient is all or this server
		if Data.Return == false then
			if callbacks[ Data.Type ] then
				callbacks[ Data.Type ]( Data )
			if listeners[ Data.Type ] then
				listeners[ Data.Type]( Data )

heads up: my style of writing code has since changed drastically. so… yea.

Outfit System

Date: 25 April 2019
I was bored and made an outfit system using items in CloneTrooper1019’s models (mostly old assets from Murder). I used HumanoidDescriptions to accomplish this.

(example of me changing an outfit by hardcode)

again, my style of code has changed. this wasn’t meant for production, but was an experiment, so it’s not going to be well formatted and wasn’t designed to be readable

Error GUI

Date: 05 November 2018

When the new Roblox kick/error GUI was released, I decided to reverse engineer it so I can make it display whatever message I wanted. I made a bindable event to let me control this.

There are a lot more projects I’ve decided not to include as they’re pretty regular (but were mind blowing to me at the time).

Hiring and Commissions

I’m flattered you want to hire me, but unfortunately I will ignore all requests. I will seek a job offer if I am interested and if I am interested only.

To quote Tom Scott:

Non-Development Experience


Since late 2017/early 2018 until early 2019, I worked as a Helper for Bloxlink; a Discord-to-Roblox verification bot in thousands of servers, with thousands of users. My responsibility was to assist users with support enquiries.

Eventually, I was promoted to the position of Moderator. My job was to review bugs and escalate real issues to the developer, moderate the channels and ensuring that the rules were followed, as well as mentoring new helpers and assisting users.

Bloxlink was/is used by many large groups including Hidden Developers, The Galactic Republic, Koala Cafe, Boba, Cream, and many more groups.


I worked as a moderator for Soro’s from March 2019 until the 1st July 2019. My responsibilities included patrolling the game to ensure users were in compliance of the community guidelines, and being active in the Discord server, responding to breaches of the rules.

I resigned from my position as Community Moderator to focus my time on something else, and due to me loosing interest in the role.

DevForum Experience

I am a mostly-active member of the DevForum. I commonly spend my time replying to public announcements, but have recently increased with helping users in #development-support:scripting-support.


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None so far. I plan to create some tutorials & development resources in the near future!

Development Resources

None so far. I plan to create some tutorials & development resources in the near future!

Medium Articles

Soon (hopefully)

You have reached rock bottom.

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I can heavily vouch for Elliott’s skill, workplace behaviour, and a really nice companion to have when working on a project which you cannot execute alone. He’s helped me design the entire roadmap of Medatsu, one of the most intricate projects we’ve ventured into, together.


Elliott is one of the most hardworking and professional people you’ll have the enjoyment of meeting within this community. He’s also a nice person outside of development and one I personally know quite well. You can definitely trust him with commissions and anything else you may need, plus his portfolio is amazing and he’s had experiences in many different fields.


Vouch, he is an amazing person to work with and gets the job done in time.


Great stuff!
I’ve certainely seen you around on the devforum.
Would you be willing to share your reverse engineering of the kick/error Gui?
I’d certainely be interested in using it.


Elliott is an incredibly talented designer and programmer. If you’re looking for a solid developer, he’s your guy.


Elliott is an excellent and talented guy, he is a great programmer and leader. He actually knows what he’s doing and he’s keen to explain his quality engineering. His leadership is great and I would 100% hire if it wasn’t for his commission section, Tom Scott is cool, man of comedy and intelligence. Elliott also tries his best all of the time and it’s clear to see, summary is that Elliott is a wonderful guy within the Roblox community and you should 100% hire him; no hesitation needed.


I do have the code around in my archives however I’m generally opposed to share it as it’s very sloppily coded and was more of a personal experiment just for the sake of it.

You’d be better off making a replica with your own code, compared to a fork of Roblox’s. If you’d like to discuss this, feel free to private message me on the forums.


Elliott is one of the best engineers/programmers I’ve seen. He is very nice and hard working. Very talented.

Add me on Discord please. Let’s talk.


I don’t add people I don’t know on Discord. Please PM me on DevForum if you need to speak with me.


Hello there!

I was wondering if you’re still hireable?

I own a Military Group and was wondering if you could make a gun system from scratch?

Obviously, there are more things that we need done but we can negotiate this on discord.

My discord is - JFK#1234

Please read the OP.