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Last updated: 6 August 2020
Interested in hiring/commissioning me? Please read the Hiring section.

Most of this has moved to my website, emozley.uk.

Portfolio: emozley.uk/projects
About: emozley.uk/about

Hiring and Commissions

I’m flattered you want to hire me, but unfortunately I will ignore all requests. I will seek a job offer if I am interested and if I am interested only.

To quote Tom Scott:


I can heavily vouch for Elliott’s skill, workplace behaviour, and a really nice companion to have when working on a project which you cannot execute alone. He’s helped me design the entire roadmap of Medatsu, one of the most intricate projects we’ve ventured into, together.


Elliott is one of the most hardworking and professional people you’ll have the enjoyment of meeting within this community. He’s also a nice person outside of development and one I personally know quite well. You can definitely trust him with commissions and anything else you may need, plus his portfolio is amazing and he’s had experiences in many different fields.


Vouch, he is an amazing person to work with and gets the job done in time.


Great stuff!
I’ve certainely seen you around on the devforum.
Would you be willing to share your reverse engineering of the kick/error Gui?
I’d certainely be interested in using it.


Elliott is an incredibly talented designer and programmer. If you’re looking for a solid developer, he’s your guy.


Elliott is an excellent and talented guy, he is a great programmer and leader. He actually knows what he’s doing and he’s keen to explain his quality engineering. His leadership is great and I would 100% hire if it wasn’t for his commission section, Tom Scott is cool, man of comedy and intelligence. Elliott also tries his best all of the time and it’s clear to see, summary is that Elliott is a wonderful guy within the Roblox community and you should 100% hire him; no hesitation needed.


I do have the code around in my archives however I’m generally opposed to share it as it’s very sloppily coded and was more of a personal experiment just for the sake of it.

You’d be better off making a replica with your own code, compared to a fork of Roblox’s. If you’d like to discuss this, feel free to private message me on the forums.


Elliott is one of the best engineers/programmers I’ve seen. He is very nice and hard working. Very talented.

Add me on Discord please. Let’s talk.


I don’t add people I don’t know on Discord. Please PM me on DevForum if you need to speak with me.


Hello there!

I was wondering if you’re still hireable?

I own a Military Group and was wondering if you could make a gun system from scratch?

Obviously, there are more things that we need done but we can negotiate this on discord.

My discord is - JFK#1234

Please read the OP.

psst :eyes:

my portfolio’s been updated to represent my new website

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