EMBLEM Theatre 14/12/2021 Version 4.1 Update Log

EMBLEM Theatre 13/12/2021 Version 4.1 Update Log

With the release of Version 4.1 and we are exited to be introducing all our new features that come with it! Please note that bugs are to be expected and we ask that any bugs found are reported on our discord server through our Support Bot.

Building Updates

New Theatre
Our new Theatre is here, the long-awaited release. Our new Version 4 reveals a new aspect of EMBLEM. Adventure around the Theatre, finding all of the hidden gems of our new home. Our new stage will leave you wanting more, and our backstage area will unleash new creativity we’ve never witnessed before.

New Café
EMBLEM’s new Café will leave you wanting more, with our decadent menu items which will have you in our café queue again. From hot drinks to sweet snacks to satisfy your desires. EMBLEM Café is the vital place for the ultimate theatre experience.

New Corporate Hub
Our new Corporate Hub contains our Corporate offices, where members of our Corporate team are able to hold meetings in their rooms.

New Global Hub
We’ve introduced our new Global Hub, containing Department Offices for executives and staff lounges. Meeting rooms have also been incorporated into our Global Hub for staff meetings and events.

New Premium Lounge
For our dedicated Premium Members, we’ve revamped the old Premium Lounge and added extra perks. With a private ice-rink, games, and self-serve beverages and snacks. Who wouldn’t want to be with EMBLEM Premium?

New Management+ Lounge
Our staff team have been treated to a new and improved Management Lounge. Involving an AFK line for those shift breaks, self-serve beverage areas, and memory boards for future staff to relive.

New Backstage and Stage Areas
From one stage to another, we’ve revamped the EMBLEM stage and made it twice the size. Side wings for actors to prepare for the show to go on, to backstage booths to unleash your creativity. Our new backstage and stage areas have everything you need to devise the performance of a lifetime.

New Tech Room
Our Tech Room holds high-end tech equipment to make performances come to life, from special effects to bright lights, our Tech Room will bring the magic to your performances.

New Customer Service Kiosk
Our Customer Service team are ready and roaring to get helping you on any enquiries you have, paired with our Customer Service Kiosk, anything you need is right at your fingertips.

New Castle of Demise Obby
The King has run away, leaving the kingdom in despair of a hero. Complete the Castle of Demise Obby in order to save the kingdom and its people ─ each time you complete the obby you earn 2 points!

New Merchandise Stand
Feeling a bit of EMBLEM style? See our Merchandise Stand, presented by cloudcaution, full of various styles and seasonal editions to the catalog. [All designed by TooFfion]

New Conference Room
Every company hosts meetings, or staff events ─ that’s logic. Our team have been provided with a new conference room, for important meetings or fun events we plan for our unique staff team.

New Food & Beverages
What’s best about EMBLEM Theatre is the range of snacks and beverages we provide to our community. From warm hot drinks, to cookies and cakes to indulge in. We provide satisfactory snacks to top off the experience.

New Stage & Auditorium Lighting
All the rage lightning have ben installed into our Tech Room this year, upgrading the experience for actors and audience members. All colours of the rainbow are included in this package we provide to show hosts.

New Gamepass Boards
The EMBLEM experience puts the cherry on the sundae, but how about some sprinkles too? Our gamepass boards show off all of the gamepasses we provide to up the anty to our Theatre.
:zap: Segway: Use this to get your way around the Theatre at the speed of light.
:camera_flash: Selfie Stick: Capture your favourite moments with our top-class selfie stick, for those memories to keep.
:sparkles: Firefly Jar: Bring the magic to your experience and set off the firefly jar, letting out light to the Theatre.
:raised_hand: Fidget Spinner: Waiting for that performance you’ve wanted to watch? Entertain yourself with the fidget spinner, which will keep you mesmerised for hours.
:crazy_face: Premium Gamepass: Wanting all of these perks above? How about purchasing our Premium Gamepass; the gamepass provides you with all of these assets, as well as a premium name tag showing your support & private seating for our dedicated audience.

New Corporate and Director Offices
Have any questions that cannot be answered by our Customer Service team? Our Corporate Hub has just the solution, visit one of our Corporate members and ask anything you need. No one available in Corporate? Make sure to head to our new and improved Director Offices, for each Department.

:christmas_tree: Christmas has arrived at EMBLEM! Enjoy the snow covered map (more Christmas updates coming very soon)!

Scripting Updates

New Tech Controls
We’ve introduced new Tech Control UI’s to replace our old controls. Providing the best equipment to make shows amazing! :sparkles:

New Overhead Name Tags
We’ve introduced new Name Tags as well as badges for certain ranks, staff departments, and gamepass users. (Anyone with the Premium or Platinum Game Pass will receive a rainbow pulsing name tag!)

New Food Systems
We’ve re-done our food systems from Version 3 and made them much better including Prompts to collect food and cups. We’ve also re-done our drink’s machines including sounds and much more!

New TV screens
We’ve added new TV screens around the map to display information about certain areas of the Theatre!

New Office Systems
We’ve re-scripted all our offices with a new GUI based system for our Corporate Team.

New Teleport System
We’ve introduced a new teleporting system to get to different areas in the theatre as well as adding out of bound areas to prevent glitchers and exploiters.

New Loading Screen
We’ve added a Loading Screen to the game to help people who struggle with lag or poor connection to see the game without chunks missing or still loading in.

New Emoji Chat
We’ve added Emoji Chat to our game to enhance and make our show’s better! :partying_face::blush::face_with_monocle::crazy_face::movie_camera:

Teleport Commands
We’ve added Teleport commands for Customer Service +! (!stage, !auditorium ,!backstage,!cafe, !corphub, !directorhub, !spawn, !tech, !lobby)


Thanks to the following for making this version possible:

BrightZebrafish & VVichelle - Lead Developers
cloudcaution, btxmn, Mounusi - Contributors
EMBLEM Theatre Beta Testers

Let us know what you think about this update! If you experience any bugs or performance issues please report them in our Communications Server. Be sure to check out the game.

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