Embué - Affiliate Application

Embué - Affiliate Application

Embué thinks that alliances are one of the keys to success on the Roblox platform, we show gratification and pride in all of our alliances. Due to this, only some groups meet our requirements these requirements have been set by our Relations Department.

Please send your application in a google document to a Chief Relations Officer as it is easy to keep track of between the department.

Embué has set requirements to ensure that they meet what we expect of them:

  1. Your group must have 50 Members, there are no exceptions to this.

  2. Your group must be active.

  3. We require your group to show professionalism and be well rounded in terms of management.

  4. Your group must be willing to shout and attend most Embué events.

  5. You must remain in contact regularly with our Chief Relations Officer(s)

  6. You must have an organized and active community discord server.

  7. You must be a Roblox establishment group(Restaurant, Cafe, Store, extra.) We do not partner with Fan Groups, and or Military groups.

If you meet all the requirements above and still show an interest in being an alliance please fill the application below:

Question 1: What is the group you are requesting for affiliation with?
Question 2: What will you benefit Embué as an alliance?
Question 3: What are you trying to gain from Embué?
Question 4: Who are your representatives? (Two representatives are required.)
Question 5: How many members does your group have.
Question 6: Please link your Roblox Link, and your Communications server.


We are hoping to hear from you soon! Thank you for showing an interest in forming a formal partnership with us, if you possess any follow up questions feel free to contact a Chief Relations Officer

This document was approved by the Ownership Team, Embué.