Emergency Response: Liberty County 11/2/2019 Update Log

One Year Game Anniversary

Today marks the 1-year birthday for Liberty County! Thanks to everyone who has been with the whole way, or to those who just started playing! Today we’re 275,000 game sales and 13M visits later. Here’s to another year!

Here’s a throwback: This is the trailer video for Alpha release of ER:LC.

New Features

  • New Black Sheriff Cars: We heard your love for the limited-time Halloween livery! Liberty County Sheriff vehicles are now black instead of green. (All team cars will get a refreshed livery soon with the new vehicle models.)

  • Removed Halloween Update: Removed the quests, rewards, and map props. Thanks for participating!

  • Re-added House Lighting: Houses will now light up at night time just like city the buildings.

  • Listed/Unlisted Private Servers: To avoid confusion, we have changed the access modes of Private Servers to “listed” and “unlisted.” Listed servers are listed for anyone to join, unlisted servers are code-join only.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Better placement for Camaro SS overhead gui

  • Better F-150 front blinkers


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