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Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS

Hi, I am the Founder of Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS.

I am here to make the handbook.

Commenting Rules

1 - No commenting inappropriate or violent things,
2 - Do not post threats,
3 - Do not attempt or and impersonate a staff member,
4 - Do not be mean about us, you can post suggestions but just don’t be rude,
5 - Do not post about things un-related to the group,
6 - [IMPORTANT] Do NOT Advertise or you will get a exile and or banned permently from our games,
7 - Do not bully/be mean to other users.

Promoting Rules

1 - Always have permission,
2 - Must be a high rank,
3 - Don’t randomly promote people,

Not following this will result in a ban.

Authorized Promoting Personnel

#Head Enforcement Team+

Staff Role-General Rules

1 - Do not send a allie request from your group and accepting it without permission,
2 - Do not abuse, promote, and other things,
3 - Do not shutdown the games without permission
4 - Do not put the game down for Maintenance without permission.


1 - FRP

FRP is not roleplaying, eg. Not roleplaying crashes, e.g. Not roleplaying for other things like being shot, crashes and more.

2 - Follow Staff Orders

You must always follow orders from staff like if they say move out of the way or something you must listen to staff or you will not be able to play on our game and may be kicked or banned.

3 - No abusing [AA] [MA]

You NEVER abuse on our game, not following this/abusing will result in a Blacklist or even worse, you will not be allowed to play our games and your commands will be taken away from you. Not follow this means your… FIRED

4 - RDM

*Do not RDM this means, random killing like example you just get out of your car and see someone and RDM them, this is not allowed and mostly results in a warning unless you mass rdm which will result in a kick or a ban.

5 - Do not be rude

*Please do not be rude. This could result in a warning.

More rules to come!

Thanks for reading!


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Hello, I am the Founder of Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS I know you may not like the name but, just listen.

Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS is a roblox group that is trying to get out games for our users/players.

We understand if you don’t like us for delaying and re-making our games.

My Intent for creating this group is for entertaining people, I understand I am not one of the greatest Developers or other things, but I try. It’s hard developing on your own. It is stressful, hard and lots more.

I understand if you don’t like the name, I don’t even to. But I was not really convinced that wasn’t a good name at the time I made it, the name is out of the screen for Mobile and Phones but, it’s it.

Games in development
IC:RP - Inter County Roleplay

If you have any suggestions for any other games just message via roblox or devforum.

I am a Multi group owner owning these groups:
[USA!] American Army
[USA!] American Army Regiments
Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS
Emergency Responders 911
Exile Staff
Tysyaka Fan Club

I hope you enjoy playing my games in the future.

More About Us:

We are here to entertain, we have multiple jobs you can do like be a Criminal and fight cops or rob banks, Be a Civilian just driving around, be EMS and medicate people, be fire department and put out fires! We are still looking for a Mayor, IC:RP (Inter County Roleplay) has a variety of guns to choose from, AK, M4A1, M40A5, Glock, and many more to choose from!

We are not just some people just looking for people to join our group, we are here for your enjoyment.

Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS was founded by Tysyaka,

Thanks for reading.

Emergency Services Police/Fire/EMS,


Developer and moderator applications are open.

About us article:


Tysyaka’s Game Status