Emergency Vehicle Testing Credits

Without the following players, Emergency Vehicle Testing could not exist. I created this game in early 2022, but I had been working on improving similar free models as far back as November 2021. With my growing knowledge of scripting, building, and Roblox Studio, my skills have improved and new content does not use as many free models. The free models I use in this game have been modified to work as they were originally intended to.

This document will be edited over time.

-Free model improvements (Me)

Map Credits:

-Houses (Roblox)

-Roads (Roblox)

-Trees (Roblox)

-School (Roblox)

-Gas Station (Roblox)

-Playground (Roblox)

-Billboard (Roblox)

-Billboard Decals (Me)

-Furniture (Roblox)

-Terrain (Me)

-Street Name Signs (StrongDragon81)

-Stop Sign (InvisibleSan)

-Street Signs (Hippis_t)

-Playground Parking Lot (Me)

-EMS Station (Me)

-Beechwood Fire Station (Me)

-Loote County Fire Station (Me)

Player Gear Credits:

-Shirts/Pants (Me)

-Fire Helmets (firefighter88050)

-Fire Helmet Decals (Me)

-Fire SCBAs (SFD_Dev)

-Law Enforcement Belts (ii_AusxYz)

-Reflective Vests (Xx_Shane77)

-Armored Vests (LuisWilhelm)

-Hat (Roblox)

-Male Hair (Roblox)

-Female Hair (SteelDuce)

-Clothing Givers (Unknown)

-Glasses (Unknown)

Team Logo Credits:

-Sheriff’s Office Logo (Adobe Stock Images, edited by Me)

-Police Department Logo (Clipart Library, edited by Me)

-Beechwood Fire Rescue Logo (Seattle Fire Department, edited by Me)

-Loote County Fire District #7 Logo (Pinterest, edited by Me)

-Loote County DOT Logo (Me)

-Civilian Logo (Google profile picture)

-Loote County EMS Logo (Me)

Beechwood School District Logo (Me)


-Open/Close GUI Scripting (Unknown)

-Switch Team Script (Ze_k)

-Switch Team GUI Design (Me)

-Confirm Team Script (Me)

-Car Spawn GUI (Unknown)

-Instant Respawn Script (DISKXT)

-Random Color Cars Script (Me)

-Fire Tones On Click Script (Me)


-All vehicle liveries/designs (Me)

-BFR Engine (Unknown)

-BFR Engine 2 / Medic 2 Cab (eman4706)

-BFR Rescue (zbtate4)

-BFR Medic (snowdoah)

-BFR Tender (AgentMatt1224)

-BFR Ladder (1Rhymastic)

-Utility Compartment Body (Me)

-SUV To Pick-Up Conversion (Me)

-SUV (Unknown)

-Van (Me)

-Canopy Add-On (Me)

-School Bus (Me)

-LCEMS Supervisor Compartment Body (Me)

-LCFD7 Engine (Unknown)

-LCFD7 Rescue (Unknown)

-Law Enforcement Vehicle Accessories (DerElmo)

-Cone Mesh / Texture (Roblox)