Emita City: Update 0.23 Notes

Update 0.23 Notes
Food Recipes, Map Changes and Player Tasks!

Food Recipes:
We’ve now added new food recipes for you to craft using farmed resources. Now you will have access to a new Food tab in your crafting menu along with 4 new plants to gather - Wheat, Tomatos, Carrots and Radishes.

Map Changes:
We changed a lot of our buildings specifically around the main town square area hopefully giving it a much more friendly vibe for players. We replaced the store/apt building with a slightly bigger and more improved store/apt building with now 4 apartments. While we added 3 more store models we decided to check the old store models for those with established builds. W

Player Tasks:
We’ve completely removed Daily Tasks and now implemented something new but similar. Need 200 iron but don’t feel like mining? You can now submit an order on your phone and set up your own price. When a player accepts this they will see your location and be able to deliver your items to you.

New Gun/Attachment:
Vintorez/Long Scope: A long range sniper with an integrated suppressor and scope attachment.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed Guns not turning on PVP on equipped.
  • Fixed Printer breaking when hitting max.
  • Fixed PVP damage issues.
  • Added a few more exclusive guns for giveaways.
  • Error Fixes/Exploit patches.

Play the game here!: [UPDATE!] Emita City RP - Roblox

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