Empire Resorts - Alliance Application + Information

db3066edb47395be0b60503bf1280bb9 Empire Resorts - Alliance Application + Information

Greetings, Empire! We are delighted to see that you have taken interest in reviewing our alliance information. Our community is always enthusiastic about forming new affiliations with other groups. Within this handbook you will find our requirements to form an alliance with Empire, our expectations and the link leading to our application below.


  • Must have at least 2,000+ non-botted members; exceptions may be made.

  • Maintain an active, professional community.

  • Follow both ROBLOX and Discord ToS.

  • Shall not have any history involving free-ranking, or abolishing the ability for anyone to claim their rank.

  • Must have at least 1 representative in the group and 1-2 in the Discord server at all times.

  • Must disclose any announced event within your own community.


Our application is submitted via Google Docs.

:link: Application

For any concerns/ inquiries, please contact a member of the Public Relations department.