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closed, new portfolio on my page


howdy, fellow 14 year old!

Just want to say that your work is really good. Looks really nice, and it has a nice aesthetic to it.

Great work!

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I love your work, but I feel giving credit to you and lying doesn’t really make sense, because payment is for the model or map or whatever, and is for the right to use it and ownership. Credit should be an optional thing in my opinion. Also I don’t feel like it’s right to decline if the buyer wants something added unless it is against a morale thing or something or the buyer refuses to pay for the extra. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything just my opinion. These maps are great though!


I’m not really sure what you meant by the first part, Im going to say what I think you said, I gave credit to my old friend (amelytic) she modelled a lot of my stuff for me and let me use her stuff, and every build i’ve made with her stuff in she has allowed, although at the end of our friendship i thought it was best to try modelling myself, and I did. & Rule 7 doesn’t happen often, It only happens if I have a full slot and the persons request is too big, although there is the option they can wait a little longer for me to finish the rest of commissions. - Thank you

Now I am reading it again (I just woke up when I replied last time) I do understand what you mean, But I feel like people do not get credit a lot, And my builds have been stolen a lot. x

Did you have an old user? I’ve seen these builds before.

My old users we’re Malourai & PrettyOutset, I took my other portfolios down.

Ah I see, I thought u meant others had to give you credit. Sorry for the confusion.

Hello, I added you on discord! (ethan#0404)

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Great job! Amazing builds. Very eye-catching! :slight_smile:

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hey there, your builds look incredible! I was wondering if the “Classy Aesthetics” homestore was a small or a medium size?

Is there a reason you don’t respond on discord?