Enable/Disable LocalScript?

In Tool Local Script (Client) -
If Tool is Equiped i want to enable the shoulder camera script (Local Script) In Starter Character Scripts

function OnEquipped(playerMouse)
	Mouse = playerMouse
	ExpectingInput = true
	IsMouseDown = false
	player.Character.OSC.Disabled = false

i get the following error
disabled is not a valid member of LocalScript “Workspace.TapsoNNN.OSC”

i got it but now if i disable it again the camera ist working normaly how do i chnage that???

What do you mean by “isn’t working normally”?
How is the camera behaving?

If i set the Over schoulder Camera to disabled again the normal camera dont work anymore its has no focus and stay in one place. I want it to have the default camera settings if i disable over schoulder

You need to add another LocalScript that mimics the normal Camera behavior and then Enable that when you disable the OSC LocalScript and vice versa.

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